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"Since partnering with RevLifter we’ve built an AI algorithm which goes through millions of data points to find the deal which delivers the best value for the customer and the best margin for us in real-time; a genuine win-win."

Jay Karsandas


“From the start, the team has gone above and beyond for us, and our communication has been seamless and timely. We have seen our program really turn around in the past year since launching multiple campaigns with RevLifter‘s technology and we’ve continued to reach our AOV and revenue goals month after month.

Elizabeth Stahl

Blue Cherry Group

"Having greater control over the incentivization process has delivered many benefits to the AT&T affiliate program. RevLifter continues to exceed targets for new customer acquisition, and we can see a natural evolution in both the advancement of the activity and results."

Andrew Heavens

CJ Affiliate

"Working with RevLifter has always been a seamless process... Over the past two years, after seeing the first results, we have expanded our use of the technology by implementing several different initiatives and solutions. These efforts have resulted in a demonstrably higher AOV and CVR."

Jeremy Barrett Lipkin

NAVY Hair Care

"Boohoo came to RevLifter with its four key strategy pillars and gained several fresh and valuable ways to utilise tools like overlays. The innovative ideas allowed boohoo to not only to hit ‘bread and butter’ goals around increasing AOV and conversions, but also enabled the execution of more specialised and long-term strategic campaigns in ways it hadn't thought of - for example, around premier customers - which provide lifetime value to boohoo."

Eve Hutchison


"Team RevLifter did a great job launching everything two weeks before Black Friday. We quickly saw the impact it was having, and with so many additional possibilities to explore, we’re looking forward to seeing how high our results can go."

Ben Thompson

Face the Future

"RevLifter made a concerted effort to meet our requirements for a minimally disruptive solution. We’ve actually seen more customers interacting with our wallet since switching to a ‘pulse’ alert system and even an increase in revenue."
Photo of Harriet Vincent

Harriet Vincent

Nasty Gal & Warehouse

"RevLifter continues to deliver ideas for future improvements and has a stake in growing our business with us. Working with their team has been a game changer for both our bottom line and customer journey."

Shannon Quarantino


"We keep a close eye on our margins and take a very careful and considered approach to incentivizing customers. RevLifter gave us the option of being able to target outcomes that produced the right type of results, rather than interrupting every journey to get the most sales.hrough the partnership, we saw uplift where we needed it in the form of both order values and conversions."
Photo of Diana Loutfy

Diana Loutfy


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