Overlays and offer wallet combine for +130% revenue boost at NAVY Hair Care

Rich Towey
November 9, 2022

The lowdown on NAVY Hair Care

  • Fast-growing US beauty brand
  • Sells haircare products under the NAVY name
  • Popular among younger female audiences
  • High following on social media

Campaign overview

  • Started with reactive overlays to stretch spend and reduce abandonment
  • Expanded range of personalized incentives and messages
  • Built on initial goal by promoting loyalty program and new product launches


Capitalize on awareness and traffic-driving campaigns by increasing CVR and AOV when customers land on site

NAVY Hair Care is a brand on the rise. With hundreds of thousands of followers on platforms like Instagram, the retailer has no issues getting eyes on its content, and traffic onto its site.

It’s the next steps that represent the biggest challenge – driving the conversion and maximizing its potential.

Tools that turn casual browsers into frequent buyers are highly popular among beauty brands. Here, perhaps more than in any other vertical, social media and content are effective at recommending products and encouraging site visits. But this doesn’t always translate to revenue.

With a view to catering for two different audiences, RevLifter decided to split out the conversion goal. One side of the strategy would focus on converting visitors with products in their cart, while the other would tackle the ‘land and leave’ segment.

Next up – grow AOV. As a brand, NAVY aims to do more than simply help customers discover a perfect look. It wants to provide a ticket to great hair through a combination of products. Any customer with shampoo in their cart might also be interested in a kit with multiple items, resulting in a more complete treatment. RevLifter’s challenge was to lead them to it.


  • Boost AOV
  • Increase CVR
  • Reduce abandonment

The solution

Starting with some speedy fixes, RevLifter began by using offers powered by reactive overlays to tackle gaps in the user journey

Tactic #1 – Exit Intent

Efforts to reduce abandonment can result in wastage by focusing on converting all customers rather than the ones displaying an obvious intent to leave.

Reactive overlays were deployed presenting a 5% discount for customers that completed their purchase on the day it fired. The incentive used signals like dwell times to decide when a cart was at risk before rescuing the sale.

Light enough to preserve margin and intelligent enough for 1-2-1 targeting, exit intent remains NAVY’s second-most popular incentive.

Tactic #2 – Stretch and Save

Another reactive overlay strategy was Stretch and Save. Also presented by overlay, the strategy used tiers ranging from ‘Spend $100 for 15% off’ to ‘Spend $150 for 20% off’ to give every customer a realistic target to aim for.

Stretch and Save proved crucial to driving AOV in the early stages of RevLifter and NAVY’s partnership. Right before the rules, incentives, and user journey were dialed all the way up.

Offer Wallet

NAVY instantly expanded its range of personalized incentives while optimizing its activity on overlays by launching RevLifter's Offer Wallet.

Fact one: The Offer Wallet provides a single place for brands to serve personalized offers, recommendations, and key messages. It appears as a small, expandable icon and assists customers by providing suggestions on deals and products based on their on-site behavior.

Fact two: it works wonders when paired with overlays.

By adding the Offer Wallet to its site, NAVY opened the door to a range of new offer types while giving customers a place to store deals that had been passed over from overlays.

The Wallet is powered by offer cards, each responding to a different goal.

NAVY went for the following tactics to build bigger carts and promote specific items and offers:

  • Daily Deals: Target audiences can get ‘5% off’ by purchasing on a certain day
  • Call Outs: Highlighting loyalty points and products drive key business goals
  • Product Recommendations: Pointing to best-selling items relative to cart contents
  • Stretch and Save: Pops on overlays and passes over to the Offer Wallet, demonstrating how close someone is to a better deal
“Working with RevLifter has always been a seamless process. They take our purchasing incentives and turn them into attractive and accessible offers that can be redeemed by customers at multiple points in their journey.

Over the past two years, after seeing the first results, we have expanded our use of the technology by implementing several different initiatives and solutions, like the offers wallet.

These efforts have resulted in a demonstrably higher AOV and CVR.”

Jeremy Barrett Lipkin
CEO @ NAVY Hair Care


  • +130% revenue (YOY)
  • +21% AOV (YOY)
  • +25% CVR with reactive overlays

The reactive overlays delivered an immediate impact for NAVY. After launching in 2021, they converted one in every four customers (+25%) to deliver a steady revenue stream for the brand.

The introduction of the Offers Wallet has since taken RevLifter’s contribution to new heights. A quick analysis of performance over the year shows a clear impact of new activities on creating bigger orders.

NAVY and RevLifter are now looking into leveraging new data points for more granular targeting. Early ideas have centered on promoting new products and preserving margin by linking progress bars to NAVY’s criteria for free shipping.

RevLifter and NAVY have also laid the foundations of a great relationship. Both sides understand what they need to operate and have built a high level of trust, making it simple to test new ideas and optimize them post-launch.

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