Meet RevLifter’s Intelligent Offer Platform

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Hyper-personalized offers that incentivize eCommerce customers to buy

RevLifter’s platform drives more conversions with targeted 1-to-1 offers on your website – while aligning with your brand and objectives.

Our experts will guide you to the right offers to achieve your goals, and AI will optimize the delivery to drive success.

Trying RevLifter is risk-free

We’ll set up a 3-month trial on a percentage of your web traffic to prove we deliver incremental results. You only pay if we deliver success.

There’s no complex setup, and we work with all major eCommerce platforms.

Too good to be true? There’s only one way to find out.

We’re driving success for brands like yours

And we’re working with brands around the world

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Solving your biggest eCommerce challenges

Tell us what you need help with. We’ll come up with a plan to fix it.

Grow average order value (AOV)

Raise customer lifetime value (LTV)

Reduce cart abandonment

Conversion rate optimization (CRO)

Increase profit margins

Improve new customer acquisition

Simple implementation that helps you know your customers

Implementation is simple and fast via our tag. We can integrate with all major eCommerce platforms.

Our powerful, customizable platform

The core of our platform is our hyper-personalization engine. We call it Wisdom. Wisdom collects visitor signals, applies the rules you set, and delivers offers that convert.

Wisdom powers our conversion suite


The hyper-personalized, intuitive offers hub for your website. RevWallet delivers and stores all the deals, recommendations, and messages visitors receive throughout their journey, increasing conversions.



Launch hyper-personalized messages and deals at key on-site moments. RevConvert unlocks countless opportunities to convert new customers, create immediacy, and drive profit through micro-moment targeting.


Recapture lost sales with a hyper-personalized deal page for every customer. Regain control of the checkout process with a fully-branded offer hub packed with 1-to-1 offers.

Personalized Product Recommendation

Don’t just take our word for it…

Photo of Eve Hutchison

“boohoo came to RevLifter and Awin with its key four strategy pillars and all sides were able to suggest fresh and valuable ways to utilise tools like RevConvert. The innovative ideas allowed boohoo to not only to hit ‘bread and butter’ goals around increasing AOV and conversion, but also enabled the execution of more specialised and long-term strategic campaigns in ways it hadn’t thought of – for example, around premier customers – which provide lifetime value to boohoo.”


Eve Hutchison

Affiliate and Partnerships Manager

“Since partnering with RevLifter we’ve built an AI algorithm which goes through millions of data points to find the deal which delivers the best value for the customer and the best margin for us in real-time; a genuine win-win. We’re really excited about the future direction of RevLifter and the role that hyper-personalized deals can play within a marketing strategy.”


Jay Karsandas
Digital Marketing Manager

“Having greater control over the incentivization process has delivered many benefits to the AT&T affiliate program. RevLifter continues to exceed targets for new customer acquisition, and we can see a natural evolution in both the advancement of the activity and results. Looking forward, we’re adamant about progression as we explore the capabilities of the technology and its individual solutions.”


Andrew Heavens
Senior Client Development Manager
CJ Affiliate

Risk-free, flexible pricing and setup

Pay on performance

We’ll put together a commission plan that works for you based on visits, conversion rate, and order values.

Monthly subscription

We’ll agree a cost that suits your budget and gives you a great ROI.

No setup


Test on a percentage
of web traffic