Deals that know you

Real time deals personalisation

Imagine a native coupon page that knew your customers and what they were about to buy in real time?

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RevLifter is an AI-powered marketing technology which helps brands increase revenue through intelligent deals...

Our solutions enable the delivery of personalised incentives to your customers, based on their interests and the results that you want to drive.

Sounds great. How do I sign up?

You tell us your goals, we assess your requirements and fill in the gaps to get your campaign up and running.

Our platform features:

  • A fully managed service
  • No up-front fees
  • Basic tag installation or access via affiliate network
  • Payment only on the results we drive

Take back control of the millions of people that leave websites in search of deals.

Deliver more conversions, incremental sales and customers.


Personalise deal delivery to meet your goals and reap the rewards

Higher AOV

Margin protection

More incremental sales

More customer frequency & loyalty

Controlled by you

Hassle-free set up

More new customers

Brand safety

Payment on performance / no min fees


Four solutions that earn on the results they drive


Your own native coupon landing page, displaying incentives based on a 1-2-1 conversation with the consumer that delivers your goals.

  • Designed to your specifications
  • Promotes incentives based on customer data
  • Optimised for paid media and SEO
  • Powered by AI
  • Goals-based deal delivery


On-site messages that display personalised deals just when your customers need them.

  • Targets the users you want to incentivise
  • Deployed at key moments
  • Engages customers via eye-catching display
  • Reduces cart abandonment and increases incremental sales


An intelligent deals library that powers our product and uses machine learning to pair your customers’ goals with yours. It can even be used across your channels through a powerful API.


E-gift card delivery system that rewards customers based on your goals.

  • Delivers gifts from your company or your partners
  • Creates up-selling opportunities
  • Promotes loyalty around your brand


Working with RevLifter couldn't be easier

It should take no more than two weeks to create your first campaigns alongside your dedicated account manager. Our five-step process runs as follows:

1. Agree goals

You talk us through your unique goals

2. Capture data

Data is captured via a tag on your website

3. Agree timings & goals

We agree when to show incentives and to whom

4. Build and launch

Your campaigns get underway

5. Analyse

Full reporting allows for future optimisation


A platform to suit your needs

Our platform is inspired by brands that want more. The result is a technology which works towards the goals that you're driving.


Solutions which focus on higher AOV and incremental sales.


Margin-sensitive promotions with great potential for bundling and upselling.

OPMs & agencies

A great tool to deliver added value for your clients.

Subscription-based businesses

Offers which drive loyalty retention and upgrades.

Fashion brands

Grabbing new customers from your rivals and building baskets with look personalisation.


Focus on the upsell to drive high-margin products and app/mobile usage.

Brands going direct

Discreet promotions which keep your retailers happy.

Luxury brands

Controlled incentives that drive more full-price sales.


We like to be discreet about who we help, but here are some numbers ....


Conversion rate over 28% - International Female Fashion Retailer


Conversion rate increase of 6x compared to the affiliate channel UK PLC


AOV increase of up to 81% against other publishers - US Fashion Brand


Countries we currently operate in