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Deliver 1-2-1 offers on-site in moments

Launch hyper-personalized incentives – based on a range of behavioral and contextual signals – to unlock the true potential of your data, carts and shoppers.

Utilize AI for next-gen
product recommendations

Radically enhance the customer experience with AI-driven recommendations that drive your unique goals. RevLifter’s turnkey product discovery engine is simple to use and rapid to integrate.

Create a hyper-personalized deal page for every customer

Take back control of your incentivization process through a fully branded offer hub. You can even use our search expertise to recapture and convert deal-searching customers.

promotional incrementality

Get a crystal-clear view of promotional incrementality

Eliminate the grey area of deal ROI by tracking RevLifter’s bottom-line impact. Pull instant reports on incremental revenue, conversions, and acquisition with a customized dashboard.

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Grow average order value (AOV)

Raise customer lifetime value (LTV)

Reduce cart abandonment

Conversion rate optimization (CRO)

Increase profit margins

Improve new customer acquisition

Rapid implementation, paid on performance

RevLifter’s lightweight plug-and-play solutions are incredibly easy and quick to implement. There are no set-up fees, and you only pay for the sales we convert.

Success stories

RevLifter by vertical


Capitalize on the uniqueness of each journey with data-driven solutions that know who your customers are and what drives them to convert.

Launch product recommendations, exit-intent messages, and time-sensitive deals, all in one place.

Learn how RevLifter grows AOV for brands like ASOS


Build native, fully-branded personalization efforts that identify and convert your VIPs through tailored content and incentives.

Launch attractive offers to reward loyalty, drive more full-price transactions, and increase AOV.

Learn how RevLifter boosts customer LTV for brands like Harvey Nichols


Recapture and retain high-quality traffic while constantly upselling and cross-selling to maximize AOV.

RevLifter’s omnichannel targeting makes you more visible and competitive at key points in a traveler’s discovery phase.

Learn how RevLifter increases AOV for brands like Europcar


Rapidly expand your market share with holistic campaigns that drive new customers before turning them into loyalists.

Whether you’re online or offline, use hyper-personalized offers to secure a second order, increase LTV, and work your brand into a customer’s routine.

Learn how RevLifter delivers new customers to brands like Laithwaites Wine


Disrupt the comparison phase and improve your conversion rate by visually demonstrating the benefits of your products and services.

When it’s time to convert, RevLifter uses a real-time calculation of LTV to decide who should receive your best deals.

Learn how RevLifter improves CVR for insurance brands


Push the boundaries of real-time hyper-personalization by displaying internet speeds in a new customer’s location, or suggesting a tailored plan with improved value and margin.

Our award-winning telecom campaigns help you supercharge acquisition by delivering more savings to customers and more profit to your business.

Learn how RevLifter delivers new subscribers to brands like AT&T


Carolina Paradas Global Senior Affiliate & CLO Manager — Harvey Nichols

RevLifter had the sensitive touch we needed. We were able to significantly increase our conversion rate and average order value across our targeted growth markets, including the United States, Japan and South Korea. We are so thrilled with the success that we are rolling out further plans for the partnership.

Jay Karsandas Digital Marketing Manager —

Since partnering with RevLifter we’ve built an AI algorithm which goes through millions of data points to find the deal which delivers the best value for the customer and the best margin for us in real-time; a genuine win-win. We’re really excited about the future direction of RevLifter and the role that hyper-personalized deals can play within a marketing strategy.

Andrew Heavens Senior Client Development Manager — CJ Affiliate

Having greater control over the incentivisation process has delivered a host of benefits to the AT&T affiliate program. RevLifter continues to exceed targets for new customer acquisition and we can see a natural evolution in both the advancement of the activity and results. Looking forward, we’re adamant of progression as we explore the capabilities of the technology and its individual solutions.

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RevLifter increases CVR by an average of 30% and AOV by 20%
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