Optimizing promotions using testing for US Polo Assn

Dan Bond
March 21, 2023
3 mins

The challenge

US Polo Assn offers an extensive range of casual clothing and footwear for men, women, and kids, all inspired by the sport of polo.

As one of the world’s leading designer lifestyle brands, US Polo Assn has lots of customers visiting its site, and therefore a strong use case for RevLifter’s reactive overlays.

Part of the brand’s strategy with RevLifter involves the use of Spend and Save offers, which encourage customers to spend more for a bigger saving. US Polo Assn has multiple offer tiers to give every visitor something to aim for.

The brand’s challenge was to increase performance on the Spend and Save campaign to drive one of its most important KPIs: profit.

The campaign

RevLifter worked closely alongside US Polo Assn to decide on the right experiment to run. One idea was to trade the existing ‘% off’ for ‘$ off’, which – if structured correctly – would increase profit by reducing the amount the brand was giving away.

The experiment would lean on RevLifter’s multi-variant testing to expose the ‘$ off’ promotion to 50% of US Polo’s qualifying customers, with the remaining 50% seeing ‘% off’.

Would customers react better to getting ‘$ off’ their purchase? Would they spend more or convert better? In this case, they would barely need to. Given the profitability of using ‘$ off’, a similar result would be viewed as a positive outcome.

The results

In a first for RevLifter’s Campaign of the Month series, we’re reporting zero uplift. Zero.

Here are the results:

  • Sales: 0.8% decrease
  • CVR: 0% difference
  • AOV: 2.7% decrease
  • Revenue per visitor: 3.2% decrease

For US Polo Assn, ‘% off’ discounts win out by a slim margin. So what did the brand do? It immediately switched to ‘$ off’ to make every sale more profitable, of course.

We’ll raise that preferences toward certain words, images, $s and %s can vary between different retail sectors and brands. What’s important for US Polo Assn is that it found a winner in the context of a highly important metric.