SportsShoes introduces RevLifter across Europe and makes every customer 10% more valuable

Rich Towey
November 9, 2022

The lowdown on SportsShoes

  • Large online-only sports retailer
  • Leading supplier of running shoes, gym wear, and hiking equipment
  • Active in the UK, US, and Europe

Campaign overview

  • Deployed at the checkout to deliver more incremental revenue
  • Raised spend while delivering extra value to each customer
  • Added exit-intent strategy to spot and convert abandoners


Every single brand has a checkout page. What every single brand does not have is a way of realizing its true potential as an incremental revenue booster.

As the final stage in a shopper’s path to purchase, the checkout represents the last chance to stretch spend and create bigger carts.

On learning about RevLifter’s overlay campaigns, SportsShoes immediately saw how a native on-site element, delivering hyper-personalized content and offers, could make every customer more likely to convert and more valuable when they did.

SportsShoes initially focused its checkout-based solution on the UK market. A hugely successful trial period led to a wider rollout across Europe – in Germany, France, Spain, and Italy – where COVID-19 severely impacted conversion rates.


  • Raise spend per user
  • Increase conversion rate (CVR)
  • Reduce cart abandonment

The Solution

RevLifter helped SportsShoes encourage targeted actions at the checkout through subtle yet effective on-site messages.

One priority was to engage with purchase-bound users and offer a small saving in return for greater spend. After this proved immediately successful, SportsShoes looked to reverse COVID’s effect on conversions by deploying the technology across its site to react to signs of abandonment.

Encouraging users to ‘buy now’ and buy more is no mean feat. Thanks to RevLifter’s hyper-personalization and cutting-edge UX, SportsShoes had a way of embedding these prompts into the customer journey.

Stretch and Save Offers

RevLifter used cart values to upsell customers right before purchasing.

For example, if someone was checking out with less than £60 ($83), they were targeted with “5% Off Orders Above £80” ($110) to raise the spend and saving – a move that brought value for all.

Exit intent strategy

By tracking dwell times and new tab openings, RevLifter identified customers at risk of abandoning their cart.

Deployed across the SportsShoes’ site, this tactic offered an exclusive incentive – e.g. "5% off" – in return for making a purchase.

Split-testing to prove incrementality

During several testing phases, the overlays only activated for certain customers to reveal the incremental effect on conversions and AOV.

Data from these tests showed an incredible bottom-line impact, which inspired a rollout in several European markets.


  • +10% revenue per user
  • +6% CVR

Thanks to RevLifter, its approach, and native solution, SportsShoes was able to achieve an optimal outcome with every customer and cart.

When compared to a regular on-site journey in the UK, the combined impact of the abandonment strategy and the Spend and Save tactic was pronounced.

RevLifter brought further positive results across Europe, with incrementality split-tests revealing a major uptick in AOV in the vast majority of markets.

SportsShoes is now collaborating with RevLifter to embed hyper-personalization in more areas of its customer journey for an even greater impact.