Increasing items per order for River Island

Dan Bond
July 13, 2023
3 mins

The challenge

As well as being a strong consideration in the UK, River Island is taking all the right steps to broaden its footprint in the US.

The brand invests efficiently in paid social via platforms such as Instagram. Here, customers can discover River Island by scrolling through sponsored posts, similar to how they would interact with product recommendations.

The challenge is getting audiences that click on a specific item to consider other products. Data from River Island’s paid social campaigns showed a high frequency of single-item purchases. This was understandable, as visitors would come to the US site - sometimes for the very first time - specifically to buy the product they saw advertised.

The team at River Island wanted to encourage customers in the US market to fully explore its range, purchase more items, and bring themselves up to its average order value (AOV).  

The solution

With assistance from Team RevLifter, River Island set up a multi-buy campaign to offer ‘10% off’ to customers arriving onto the site after engaging with certain paid social posts and PPC ads.

The user journey goes follows:

  1. Customer clicks on post to land at River Island US
  2. After filling their cart, subtle overlay shows 10% offer on multiple items on checkout page
  3. Customer clicks ‘reveal code’ button to receive discount

River Island has set up additional rules to make sure the multi-buy offer meets its requirements for a discount. For instance, the offer only applies to carts valued at $100 and over, and excludes sale items to drive a strong margin. Once seen, the offer is then stored in River Island's very own Offer Wallet to engage customers interacting with its on-site tool.

By using RevLifter to upsell an audience, River Island is now more prepared for maximizing the potential of first-time buyers and driving ROI from a key marketing channel. Meanwhile, its US customers have more of a reason to continue their journey, with the added bonus of a discount on multiple items.

The brand’s view

“Typically, visitors would come to our site specifically to buy a product they saw advertised on a platform like Instagram. We wanted to encourage customers to fully explore the range and purchase more items.

“In collaborating with RevLifter on the multi-buy campaign, we were able to take our challenge and quickly launch an idea to solve it. It’s been refreshing to mobilise like this, and it demonstrates the value of the teams behind tech partners.”

Lauren Green, Affiliate & Partnerships Manager, River Island