Offer Wallet becomes central hub for deals and recommendations at Face the Future

Rich Towey

The lowdown on Face the Future

  • Fast-growing online-only beauty brand
  • Multi-category retailer with strength in skincare vertical
  • Progressive attitude to new technology

Campaign overview

  • Launchedin time for Black Friday
  • Stretched spend through a mix of AOV-boosting Offer Cards
  • Increased awareness for offers and recommendations through an interactive hub
  • Gave customers less of a reason to abandon by centralizing their deals


Maximize revenue while giving customers more of a reason to purchase rather than leave in search of a deal

Face The Future is a multi-category beauty retailer, prominently within the skincare vertical.

Since launching with RevLifter in 2020, the brand has experimented with many different offer types, messaging, and designs.  partnership is the sum of constant collaboration, a pursuit of innovation, and a rigorous testing schedule. It all pays off, as seen by a host of incredible results.

But here are the facts:

  • Competition in the online beauty vertical is incredibly fierce
  • New products and brands launch all the time, but it’s difficult to showcase them
  • Customers abandon their carts when they feel they can get a better deal elsewhere

The brand wanted to create a competitive advantage by giving customers a hub for all the personalized offers, recommendations, and callouts they received throughout their journey.


  • Boost AOV
  • Reduce abandonment
  • Centralize deals and recommendations
"One opportunity we spotted from working with Face the Future was in being able to unlock certain benefits of the physical store experience in order to assist their site visitors.

Skincare products are a highly personal choice and customers always need guidance on what to buy. From our experience within the beauty vertical, it’s clear to see how one site can gain an advantage by hand-picking products based on real-time signals from the customer’s journey.”

Alasdair Glen
Customer Success Director @ RevLifter

The solution

Use Offer Wallet to make it easier for customers to access personalized deals and recommendations

RevLifter's Offer Wallet provides a single place for customers to access all the deals and recommendations they receive throughout their eCommerce journey.

It’s also incredibly intelligent in the way that it uses real-time signals to dynamically pull and push different selections based on real-time customer behavior. Pretty smart, right?

The Offer Wallet can unlock a number of different advantages for eCommerce brands. Face the Future was drawn to four in particular:

  • Make it easier for customers to keep track of all the incentives and recommendations they receive throughout their journey.
  • Limit the chance of a customer leaving the site in search of a deal, particularly during peak events like Black Friday.
  • Raise awareness for new brands and products by having their offers pushed to the top of the RevWallet.
  • Show deals only to certain audience segments – e.g. new customers – to keep up with the competition.

Drawing a perfect line between its goals and the Offer Wallet, Face The Future put itself forward as one of the first users. Its aim: use Offer Cards within the Wallet to provide customers with relevant product recommendations and deals based on their cart contents or what they’d been viewing on-site.

Wait a second. What’s an offer card?

The Offer Wallet is filled with Offer Cards that drive different goals. RevLifter has a whole stack of cards to choose from – like Stretch & Save (e.g. ‘Take 10% off when you spend over $50’), and Secret Sales (e.g. ‘10% off’ only shown to a certain audience segment.)

Like all great poker coaches – if that is indeed a thing – Team RevLifter will always help you find the right mix of cards to generate the best possible outcome.

Face the Future constantly changed its Offer Cards to respond to different challenges. Some of its top choices included:

  • Product Recommendations
    Inc. 'items bought by similar users', 'recently viewed', 'best sellers'.
  • Subscribe and Save Offers
    Promoting newsletter sign-ups.
  • Stretch and Save Offers
    Served to increase AOV.
  • Shout Outs
    Deals for new brand/product launches

The Offer Wallet also included countdowns for driving urgency around flash offers, and sliders to select the levels of priority behind each product recommendations. If Face the Future wanted to push 'best selling' items and reduce its amount of 'recently viewed' promotions, it can. All in the click of a button.


  • +5% revenue per user
  • +33% AOV compared to affiliate program average
  • +3% CVR

The Offer Wallet enjoyed a compelling start at Face the Future. It immediately answered the requirement for a single hub for highlighting personalized, deals, recommendations, and messages as soon as the customer qualifies for them.

Judging by the incremental uplift from comparing RevLifter’s user journey against a control group, the tool also has a conversion and revenue-driving edge.

The Wallet has since been redesigned to fit in with Face the Future’s new branding, while a special Christmas version of the widget was produced in time for the festive season. Now that’s native!

Of course, this is the starting point. Face the Future is working closely alongside Team RevLifter on a number of projects, including an optimization effort to establish which deals, images, and copy drive the best results.

“We saw many customers leaving our site to get a voucher code from elsewhere. The same customers either qualified for deals or needed inspiration. Launching the Offer Wallet means they don’t lose sight of what we can offer, which reduces the risk of losing them to a competitor.The Offer Wallet is now our central hub for deals and recommendations. We love the customizable aspects and that it doesn’t disappear. It’s also been useful for pushing new brands when they go live, as this is quicker and subtler than doing the same via our homepage.

Team RevLifter did a great job launching everything two weeks before Black Friday. We quickly saw the impact it was having, and with so many additional possibilities to explore, we’re looking forward to seeing how high our results can go.”

Ben Thompson, Ecommerce Manager & All Things Affiliates, Face the Future

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