Activewear leader Splits59 sees +133% CVR from cross-sell and exit campaigns

Rich Towey
June 12, 2023

The lowdown on Splits59

  • Women’s activewear with an edge, designed in Los Angeles
  • Blends style and functionality with quality fabrics
  • Sells direct and at premium marketplaces including NET-A-PORTER, Selfridges

Campaign overview

  • Increased AOV and spend per customer with cross-sell promotions
  • Launched Exit-Intent and Ctrl+C Codes to convert more VIP customers
  • Used multiple Stretch and Save tiers to create bigger orders


Increase direct revenue and conversions with proactive steps.

Founded by triathletes in 2008, Splits59 is a women’s activewear brand with a difference.

The retailer meets the demand for high-performance and high fashion with everything from matching tops and bottoms to skirts, bras, and leggings. The Splits59 brand and its products are perfect for premium marketplaces like Selfridges, NET-A-PORTER, and Saks Off 5th, but customers also have the option of buying directly through a sleek online experience at

On discussing a potential collaboration with RevLifter, the retailer shared its core goals of increasing conversion rates (CVR) and average order values (AOV). It was from these discussions that more specific challenges came to light.

One pain point focused on the number of customers purchasing the bottom half of an outfit without the matching top. Cross-selling is a common challenge for activewear brands that need to either highlight the availability of an outfit or incentivize the customer to select it.

After learning about Splits59’s thriving reseller business, RevLifter also saw the potential for abandonment plays to increase profitability by selling more products at Even with high-end fashion, customers will frequently compare prices on items they’re ready to buy. The challenge is keeping them on-site and buying directly from the brand.

In all cases, Splits59 wanted to incentivize tactically by reserving its best deals for high-value orders.


  • Increase CVR
  • Boost AOV

The solution

Use reactive overlays for cross-selling and exit-intent campaigns, triggered by customer behavior

Based on the requirement to only incentivize in areas where specific outcomes could be driven, RevLifter suggested using overlays to respond to certain signals throughout the user journey.

Overlays deliver personalized offers and messages based on behavioral data, such as exit intent, adding products to the cart, and viewing product pages.

With overlays, Splits59 could pick and choose which customers and scenarios were suitable for different offers and act accordingly. The offer lineup was as follows:

  1. Cross-selling

To give customers a reason to buy complete outfits, those with a product from the ‘bottoms’ category received an offer for "10% off" bras.

Active only on the cart page (the last chance to expand the order) the incentive led to many more sales of matching tops.

  1. Exit-intent

An exit-intent campaign used common signals like lengthy dwell times on mobile, mouse movements to the ‘close window' button and the typing of new web addresses to determine whether a customer with products in their cart was at risk of lapsing.

Those that had already bought from Splits59 were identified by their customer ID. They received "10% off" their purchase, whereas new customers, the priority segment, received "15% off".

  1. Ctrl+C Codes

To drive more profitable sales, a Ctrl+C Code detected when a customer copied a product name - usually a precursor to a price comparison - and triggered a "5% off" incentive.

The strategy gave Splits59 a chance to increase its margin by selling the same product through its own store.

  1. Stretch and Save

A final offer type, Stretch and Save, increased AOV by offering a discount in exchange for the customer adding more products to their cart. The overlay triggered on the product page to grow spend during the purchase consideration phase.

“RevLifter came to our attention through our affiliate management agency E-Accountable. We were looking to grow our business while creating a compelling reason for a user to stay on site and convert.

Not  only  did  RevLifter's  technology  allow  us  to  accomplish  both  goals, but the team also delivered a first-class customer experience throughout  the  integration.  We've  seen  an  increase  in  both  AOV  and  units  per  transaction  (UPT)  through their  exit  intent  and  item  upsell optimizations.

RevLifter continues to deliver ideas for future improvements and has a stake in growing our business with us. Working with its team has been a game changer for both our bottom line and customer journey.”

Shannon Quarantino
VP of eCommerce @ Splits59


  • +133% CVR
  • +13% AOV

Splits59 met each of its challenges with a controlled approach to incentivization, discounting only when a goal could be driven.

The cross-selling effort and Stretch and Save campaigns had a noticeable impact on AOV, and with the added bonus of increasing revenue from a targeted product category.

For driving conversions, Exit-Intent Offers and Ctrl+C Codes led to far more sales from customers at risk of abandoning their cart.

With a solid foundation in place, the next phase of the Splits59 and RevLifter’s collaboration will focus on experimenting with different offer types. Both sides will test different variants to create even more efficiencies around the brand’s incentives, with the end goal of satisfying customers while driving a targeted outcome.