Running specialist Shop4runners gains 108% CVR after plugging crucial gaps in abandonment strategy

Rich Towey
September 28, 2023
5 mins

The lowdown on shop4runners

  • Experts in running apparel and shoes
  • Stocks latest collections from Adidas, Asics, Nike, and more
  • Operates two stores in Germany and an eCommerce site

Campaign overview

  • Deployed native overlays to react to micro-moments in user journey
  • Encouraged customers to stay on-site rather than compare prices
  • Used a mix of campaigns to boost CVR and order values

The challenge

Reduce abandonment and identify opportunities to stretch spend

Shop4runners is the expert in all things running. Stocking shoes, clothing, and a range of accessories, is a top online destination for runners in Germany.

Having such a range of products from all the major brands is ideal for getting new customers onto a site and considering a purchase. However, shop4Runners has the usual challenge of getting them to convert.

With many of its items available elsewhere, shop4Runners noticed a trend in visitors landing on a product page and instantly comparing prices. The brand had a few tools for tackling site abandonment, but its team wondered whether a tech partner like RevLifter could take its conversion rate to the next level.

The team at shop4Runners also wanted a solution for encouraging customers to purchase multiple items. The brand takes a case-by-case approach to incentivizing customers, avoiding broad discounts where possible. RevLifter had to produce a campaign that safeguarded the brand’s margin through careful incentivization.


  • Increase CVR
  • Increase AOV
  • Reduce abandonment

The solution

Use impactful overlays to react to opportunities in the user journey

Shop4Runners needed to grab its customers’ attention and persuade them to stay on-site and checkout, rather than comparing prices elsewhere. The brand swiftly launched Ctrl+C Codes via native overlays for this purpose.

The brand also launched a number of different overlays to solve other abandonment challenges and raise AOV.

Ctrl+C Codes

To solve its price comparison challenge, Ctrl+C Codes offered ‘€10 off’ when a customer copied the name of a product. These incentives were triggered before the text was pasted into the browser to keep customers on-site.

Stretch and Save

Shop4Runners boosted cart values tactically by trading higher spend for better deals. Multiple tiers ranging from ‘free delivery’ on low-value orders to ‘20% off’ for high-value customers gave every site visitor something to aim for.

Exit-Intent Deals

RevLifter reacted to other abandonment signals - like lengthy dwell times and mouse movements toward the ‘close window’ button - by triggering incentives ranging from ‘€5 - €10’ off, depending on the customer’s cart value.

"We keep a close eye on our margins and take a very careful and considered approach to incentivizing customers.

RevLifter gave us the option of being able to target outcomes that produced the right type of results, rather than interrupting every journey to get the most sales. Through the partnership, we saw uplift where we needed it in the form of both order values and conversions.” 

Diana Loutfy, Senior Online Marketing Manager, E-xplosion GmbH

The results

Shop4runners assessed RevLifter’s performance on a number of levels. The retailer looked at both conversions and order values to see if the tech partner could meet its unique requirements.

The campaigns were optimized several times to achieve the best possible results, which were:

  • +108% CVR
  • +31% AOV

Shop4runners also gained +231% in revenue and +153% in sales after a series of optimizations from RevLifter.

The brand now has a solid set of plays for targeting all the different scenarios that can drive its goals. Not only this, shop4runners has several options for fine-tuning these offers, making them even more intelligent, and boosting its performance.