Reducing abandonment for natural health brand Bodykind

Dan Bond
September 28, 2023
5 mins

Founded in Manchester (UK) in 2004, Bodykind strives to provide the best natural health products for its customers.

The brand has grown exponentially in recent years by focusing on premium quality products, backed by exceptional customer service.

Avoiding big promotions

A continued focus on premium selections and service means that Bodykind doesn’t engage in ‘race-to-the-bottom’ tactics, ensuring it protects its margins and image by avoiding heavy discounts.

Bodykind’s collaboration with RevLifter started at an ideal time. The retailer was just six months into the launch of its new website and open to discussing a fresh outlook on boosting conversions.

Reducing abandonment

Bodykind’s main challenge was preventing users from leaving its site and encouraging them to convert, which naturally brought the focus onto RevLifter’s exit campaign offering.

A much higher conversion rate (CVR) and average order value (AOV) for returning customers vs new customers created the need to personalize offers based on customer behavior and status. This step would align with Bodykind’s focus on brand and margin protection as well as allowing for a great experience.

Returning customers also represent the majority of shoppers at Bodykind, which dialed up the need for a dynamic approach, centered on persuading new customers to make their first purchase.

The solution

With guidance from RevLifter, Bodykind set up an exit-intent overlay offering ‘5% off’, triggered based on a common abandonment scenario.

Users had to spend more than 40 seconds on the Bodykind site and show signs of exiting, e.g. by moving their mouse toward the close window button.

The offer was made active on all pages aside from body products, the cart and checkout. These measures protected a key category and avoided giving away value to customers that may have eventually converted.

The optimization

Bodykind wanted to make the offer as profitable as possible, which resulted in several tweaks to drive the right outcome.

Initially, visitors showing exit intent would see the offer without having to meet a minimum level of spend. Bodykind then saw a change in AOV from returning customers, which typically spent more than those yet to buy from the brand.

The right course of action was to only engage customers with a cart value above £30 ($37). However, this impacted acquisition levels, as new customers were less inclined to go this high on their first order.

To grow acquisition levels while keeping returning customers at a high AOV, RevLifter tweaked the campaign to give new customers the offer provided they had a cart under £45 ($55), with no minimum spend required. Meanwhile, returning customers saw the offer provided they had a cart less than £45 ($55) with a minimum spend of £30 ($37).

The results

The optimizations saw Bodykind return to hitting its acquisition targets. At the same time, the existing customers who needed a cart value of £30 ($37) to redeem the offer were converting +186% better than new visitors. They spent more, too, evidenced by an AOV of +34% against new visitors.

Most importantly, Bodykind saw additional profit per order by using RevLifter’s technology, which has maintained its careful and logical approach to incentivization.

After seeing these results, the brand and RevLifter have started working on the next phase of their collaboration by outlining ways of bringing personalized product recommendations out to specific audiences.

"As an online retailer of premium health and beauty brands, it’s essential that we can bring incentives out to audiences only when it makes sense. RevLifter’s campaigns have had a positive impact on our CVR and AOV, but it’s the additional profit per order that has really opened our eyes to how intelligent offers can be structured to drive a financially sound outcome."

Catherine Lomas, Ecommerce Manager, Bodykind

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