Grabbing attention for Nasty Gal's offers and promotions

Dan Bond
June 8, 2023
3 mins

The challenge

Nasty Gal has come a long way since its founding in a tiny San Francisco apartment in 2006. What started as a vintage business on a single laptop and an eBay account is now a major US brand stocking clothes, shoes, and accessories under its own label.

In 2022, Nasty Gal’s US site launched a mix of intelligent offers delivered via native overlays. After being impressed by the first results, the brand swiftly branched out by using offers wallet to centralize its deals and recommendations.

Though the solution checked several requirements, the team at Nasty Gal wanted to streamline the system that alerted customers to new offers and content.

Nasty Gal wanted to avoid bombarding customers with pop-ups and strike a balance between highlighting new promotions and being minimally disruptive.

The solution

Previously, offers wallet alerted customers to new deals through a small pop-up. The notification was removed to ensure minimal disruption to the user journey. However, this led to a drop in engagement.

RevLifter discussed a few different alert systems before landing on a bespoke ‘pulse’. By making customers instantly aware of new offers without being overly invasive, this would match Nasty Gal’s requirements and on-site experience.

The results

The pulse feature had an immediate impact on Nasty Gal’s wallet. A week-by-week comparison revealed a +79% increase in launcher engagement, showing that customers were more aware of new deals as they dropped.

Nasty Gal also saw a +22% increase in offer engagement after making the change and an incredible 73% increase in revenue.

These findings indicated that not only were visitors interacting with the solution, but they were going on to engage with the offers too.

“RevLifter made a concerted effort to meet our requirements for a minimally disruptive solution. We’ve actually seen more customers interacting with our offers wallet since switching to a ‘pulse’ alert system and even an increase in revenue."

Harriet Vincent, Ecommerce Trading Manager, Nasty Gal and Warehouse