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About RevLifter

RevLifter was founded in 2017. We've grown into a results-driven technology company pushing innovation in the use of eCommerce offers.

Our vision

Retailers are using intelligent offers as a key part of their growth strategy.

Offers are a proven way to drive growth and profitability for retailers.

RevLifter are the partner of choice for offer insight, strategy, and, orchestration.

Our story

RevLifter began in 2017 as an idea on a napkin. At that point, the offers process was completely broken.

Customers were getting lost under a barrage of invalid and fake deals. They were being hijacked by competitors of the retailer they’d just left. Error messages, poor experiences, fraudulent sites – all chipping away at their momentum and motivation to convert.

After realizing that brands were also starting to question the incremental value of their deals and offers, co-founders Ryan Kliszat and Simon Bird saw an opportunity to reshape the incentivization process. The initial vision was for something goal-driven, personalized, and downright logical for anyone engaging with it.

Both the eCommerce and performance marketing industries were crying out for a solution to put the customer first while driving the brand’s unique goals. The pair spoke to many large retailers and unearthed a huge appetite for incentives that precisely aligned with their business objectives and produced more incremental sales.

Retailers also wanted to improve the relevance of their deals and regain control of their customer journey.

After presenting the idea of a solution that checked all these boxes and asking whether the retailers would use it, Simon and Ryan were greeted with a resounding “yes”.

And thus, RevLifter was born...

Meet our leadership team

Simon Bird
Co-founder and CEO

Simon is CEO of RevLifter and co-founded the business back in 2017. Before RevLifter he was an experienced operator in the affiliate and performance marketing space.

Andrew Rooks

Andrew leads the commercial side of RevLifter and has many years of experience leading sales in martech.

Kirsten Minshall

Kirsten is a product leader, providing strategic guidance, coaching, mentorship and technical expertise to help entrepreneurs, start-ups, scale-ups and forward-thinking organisations build successful digital products & services.

Pav Badala
Finance Director

Pav is in charge of RevLifter's finances, and is an experienced, hands-on leader who has helped many companies through the stages of growth.

Ian Compton
VP of Engineering

Ian is an experienced software architect with over 10 years experience with server-side applications. He's worked on a range of demanding systems from telecoms billing to web analytics, producing scalable & robust products.

Dan Bond
VP of Marketing

Dan is an experienced B2B marketing leader, with over 15 years of experience. He's worked with technology, publishing and biotech businesses to help them get more happy customers.

Lisa Robertson
VP of Professional Services

Lisa is an experienced services leader in the software space. She has led teams responsible for onboarding enterprise retailers.

Michelle Robinson
Head of People

Michelle runs RevLifter's People operations. She has many years of experience helping business grow teams of great people and develop cultures that make them want to stay.