Remote RevLifter: Tips From the Team to Boost Morale

by | Mar 24 2020

At RevLifter, we’ve been discussing useful techniques that help to keep up team morale and productivity even when we’re not in the office. The office and the home are two separate worlds, both with different perks.

In the office, a space we’ve all become accustomed too, you probably have a well-practised routine; going for lunch with your co-workers, maybe taking a coffee break around 11 am. Whereas at home you end up snacking too much with no set routine. Sound familiar?

Below are some tried and tested techniques from our team. They wanted to share the things they’ve come to find helpful over the years while working remotely.


1. Have your own dedicated workspace

For short periods of time (maybe a couple of days in a row), sitting at a kitchen table or on the sofa might work well. Over time, it just doesn’t cut it. Separating your work/live environment also becomes more difficult if your work-space is a common area at home (like a kitchen table or a living room sofa).

Suggestion: If you’re low on space, it gets more difficult. If you’ll be working from home for extended periods of time, consider creating a “work corner” or another designated work-space that’s outside of a common area, even if only slightly.

Suggestion: If you can incorporate plenty of natural light, do it! This is a huge energy booster throughout the day.

Suggestion: Get a comfy chair and desk that are the right height for you. This is really important for not getting back/neck pain.

Suggestion: Multiple work locations. Have a “go-to” spot for a change of scenery. During nice weather, head outdoors for an hour or so.


2. Staying productive is key

When you do find that spot to call your “office” I can almost guarantee you’ll be more productive. As well as this, you’ll learn more about yourself as you try new things. You don’t necessarily have to stick with something from the beginning.

Suggestion: Limit distractions. The key word is limit. You may find there are fewer distractions at home than in an office but don’t be fooled. After a few weeks at home, you’ll easily find ways to distract yourself. This will be different for everyone. I, for one, can’t have a TV on in the background, I prefer music or nothing at all.

Suggestion: Take a break! Contrary to popular belief, you may find that you work a lot more when you’re at home, this is because you almost feel guilty that you’re at home. Make sure you find some time to take a breather. Otherwise, you’ll get burnt out.

Suggestion: Find a routine that works for you and go with it. Google calendar, Notion or even a notebook are great to use when planning your day.

3. Communicate as much as possible

Over-communicate to your team members! If you feel you’re over-communicating, you’re likely communicating just enough.

Suggestion: Have a video chat whenever you can. Yes, this means you might want to throw on a hat or do something with your hair but, it’s worth it! Face-to-face interaction helps with communication.

Suggestion: Don’t be afraid to pick up the phone. Cold calling your co-workers is the equivalent to sitting beside them in the office and asking a question. Do it!

Suggestion: Answer your phone. Your co-worker is likely doing the above.

4. Make yourself comfortable

Let other people in the house know that you’re going to be working and shouldn’t be disturbed as much as possible.

Suggestion: Make sure you have the necessary equipment to support working from home. A headset, computer monitor, docking station, keyboard, mouse, comfy chair. Make your home workstation as much as an office workstation as you can.

Suggestion: Have your own little snack or coffee station throughout the day. Take advantage of the time savings and relax a little bit. This will help with morale and productivity.

5. Keep active

You won’t be getting your steps in every day like you do when going to the office. So it’s important to get up from your table and get some exercise. Oh, and don’t forget to keep hydrated!

Suggestion: If you’re able to walk around the block in the morning and evening after work, then do that. It helps to clear the mind a bit and to separate work from home.

Suggestion: Create a work-out routine with some specific goals and push yourself as much as you can, there’s a lot of video content online to give you some structure and motivation. Accomplishing something other than work will make you feel energised.

Finally, don’t forget to keep your workday within the office hours. It’s so easy to lose complete track of time when you’re at home and you suddenly find yourself sending emails at 8 pm…

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