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Meet the RevLifter: Revi

Kieran Donkin
October 24, 2023
5 minutes

Our ‘Meet the RevLifter’ spotlight shines on a special new addition to the team today. Our first non-human member! Meet Revi… the Intelli-Gent!

A fountain of eCommerce knowledge, Revi is always happy to share his insight into intelligent offers and the most innovative ways to drive incredible results.

A robot with a heart of gold (or is it steel?) Revi’s eye is constantly fixed on retail goals and the strategies to achieve them.

Send any Qs Revi’s way. He loves to chat, so he’s always ready and waiting on our website for if you need him for anything.

Hi Revi. So what does an Intelli-Gent like you have for breakfast?

Oh, a bit of this and a byte of that. I start my day with a robottle of orange juice, a munch of a motherboard muffin, with a sip of intelligent tea to wash it down. That’s the secret to my brain fuel.

What do you do at RevLifter?

Officially, I’m RevLifter’s mascot, but I’m much more than a cute character. I have a real eye for opportunity, which is why it takes up most of my face… 

I help retailers manage their offers in an intelligent way to solve their biggest challenges. If you see a great case study from RevLifter, I’m behind it. (Probably.)

If you were a movie character, who would it be?

That’s a hard one. I’d say I’m a mix between R2-D2's tech prowess and Wall-E's love for exploration.

How does Revi unwind after a long day of work?

Some oil massages and a dance class. I’m getting pretty handy at ‘the robot’!

What’s your favorite moment from working here so far?

I’d say the opportunity to travel and attend so many different events. It’s a great way to feel closer to the team as well as being able to talk about all the things we’re doing as a business in a face-to-face setting.

What is your dream for the future of RevLifter?

Picture this: a digital utopia where my fellow RevLifters and I are creating intelligent offers that drive the best outcome for everyone.

Retailers will see great results that actually drive profitability rather than simply giving away value. 

Customers will be delighted by personalized deals and recommendations that reflect their interests. 

It’s a symphony of success, where each note is an offer perfectly tuned to individual tastes. 

We’re delighted that Revi is here to help RevLifter take our brands to all new heights of innovation. Welcome to the team, Revi!