RevLifter Beats Fierce Competiton to Win Best Use of Personalisation at 2022 Ecommerce Awards - RevLifter

RevLifter Beats Fierce Competiton to Win Best Use of Personalisation at 2022 Ecommerce Awards

by | Sep 29 2022

All awards are greatly received at RevLifter. But some carry a little extra weight due to what they represent. 

On September 28, RevLifter claimed Best Use of Personalisation at the 2022 Ecommerce Awards, beating the likes of Nosto, Namogoo, and Adobe in the process.

Winning an award graded solely on how you use personalization is always a special feat. Our use of personalization essentially defines RevLifter.

Many companies use real-time data to understand and satisfy their customers. Some do this better than others. And given the shortlist, we knew we’d be coming up against the best of the best.

Naturally, we are elated to receive the top prize and we’ve a good indication of how it happened, too. As every award is judged specifically on the past year’s achievements, we focused on some of the exciting developments at RevLifter between 2021-2022. Those are:

1. Launching RevWallet

Our new RevWallet technology is one of the most important additions we’ve ever made to our platform. By enabling retailers to bring all their on-site deals, recommendations, and messages onto a single, intuitive hub, we’re simplifying the process of creating personalized customer experiences that generate bigger orders.

If you’d like to see how RevWallet performs, why not head to our case study with beauty brand Face the Future?

2. Growing rapidly 

Several major brands have implemented RevLifter in the past year, and to all of them a massive thank you! In fact, we’ve expanded in a few key areas – revenue, brands, the problems we can solve, even our staff count.

Put simply, it’s been a great year to be a RevLifter!    

3. Solving the $70 billion challenge

Midway through the judging period, a report from Boston Consulting Group summarized that retailers should allocate a greater portion of promotional spend toward personalized offers. The prize? A cool $70 billion in extra revenue per year.

But only to the ‘first movers’ that act quickly and effectively. Given our technology can have retailers serving their first personalized deals within a few weeks, RevLifter is uniquely positioned to unlock this growth.

The (brief) acceptance speech

We’d like to reserve a special thanks to the judges for the recognition. It truly is a testament to a busy, exciting, and productive year at RevLifter HQ.

If you’d like to hear more about our gold-standard use of personalization, don’t hesitate to get in touch

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