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Why RevLifter

We use offers intelligently and intervene at the right moments to meet your eCommerce goals.

Use offers intelligently

Most promotions are one-size-fits-all. Our technology has you delivering the right offer at precisely the right time.

Increase conversions

Intelligent offers can push more people to convert. Follow our recipes and playbooks to maximize your sales.

Reduce abandonment

Stop visitors leaving without buying. Find the right offers that land at the right time and recover lost sales while delivering the returns you need.

Be privacy ready

We target offers based on real-time behavior. Our lightweight tag uses first-party cookies and suppresses personal data.

Boost AOV

Stretching spend is great way to grow revenue. Help customers build bigger carts and increase the value of every transaction.

Increase spend per customer

Upselling and cross-selling enhance your customer experience and produce more valuable sales. We'll have you recommending products at the right moments.

Drive email signups

Use intelligent offers to build your email list and drive future sales. Target outcomes with long-term benefits.

Push high-margin or high-value products

Push the products that generate the most profitable outcomes. Reduce costs with tactical interventions and carefully structured promotions.

Protect your brand and profits

Use offers intelligently to protect margins by only assisting a conversion when it's required. Detect what each customer needs based on thousands of lookalike journeys.

Improve ROI and ROAS

Use your marketing spend more efficiently by using the offers give you the biggest bang for your buck.

Create personalized customer experiences

Combine offers, recommendations, and creatives that are relevant to different audience segments. Build customer journeys that meet your goals.

Multi award-winning technology

We've won over 30 awards since we were founded in 2017, both for our technology and our performance marketing campaigns. Here's a selection of our latest wins.

Best Technology Publisher Partner - 2023 GPMAs

Best Use of Data with River Island - 2023 GPMAs

Best Affiliate & Partnership Strategy (North America) with Sam's Club and Rakuten - 2023 GPMAs

Best Affiliate & Partnership Strategy (LATAM) with Droga Raia and Rakuten - 2023 GPMAs

Best Use of Personalization with Splits59 - 2023 Global Digital Excellence Awards

NXT GEN Retail Technology - June 2023 Finalist

Analytics & Intelligence Solutions - 2023 Convrt Awards

Startups.co.uk - 2023 Startups 100

Innovative Retail Tech Product of the Year – 2022 Smart Retail Tech Expo

Retail Tech 100 – 2022 CB Insights

Best Retail and Ecommerce Campaign with Boohoo and Awin – 2022 UK Performance Marketing Awards

Best Use of Personalisation – 2022 eCommerce Awards

Best Performance Marketing Technology – 2022 UK Performance Marketing Awards

Let’s solve your challenges with intelligent offers