Add a hyper-personalized, intuitive offers hub to your website quickly and easily
RevWallet delivers and stores all the deals, recommendations, and messages visitors receive throughout their journey, and increases conversions.

Why you need 

Add a plug-and-play, personalized marketing channel to your site
Instantly get new ways to serve offers and product recommendations

Create a great onsite experience that drives conversions
A slick, intuitive hub for offers that drive results

Find out more about your customers and why they buy
Understand what offers and incentives make your customers buy, buy more, and buy more often

Stop customers getting bombarded with irrelevant promotions
Keep everything personalized and relevant, down to a micro-moment

Don’t let deals and recommendations get lost
Put all your incentives, deals, and messages in one place

Deliver the inspiration to create bigger orders
Help customers to build their carts with customized suggestions

RevWallet is now our central hub for deals and recommendations. We love the customizable aspects and that it doesn’t disappear. It’s also been useful for pushing new brands when they go live, as this is quicker and subtler than doing the same via our homepage.”

Ben Thompson
Ecommerce Manager & All Things Affiliates
Face the Future

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A powerful recommendation engine

Customized recommendations that sync with a customer’s real-time behavior and cart.

Choose the right recommendations and decide precisely how often they’re seen.

Display progress to increase AOV

Gamification elements

Bring your deals to life by gamifying the process of redeeming them. 

Spur customers into action with dynamic progress bars and countdowns that drive urgency and spend.

Fully customizable widget

Every RevWallet is different by design thanks to a wide range of colors, fonts, and icons.

Work with Team RevLifter to create a solution that looks and feels native to your site.

Bringing value to your customer experience
Self-learns and optimizes

AI optimization

RevWallet uses AI to get better and more relevant with every click and conversion.

It self-learns to the point of knowing precisely what certain customer segments need, based on solid data. We call it predilection.

Dive deeper into RevWallet

Watch the recording of our launch webinar – find out more about how RevWallet works, and some of the campaigns you can run.

Ready to see how RevWallet can drive conversions on your website?

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RevWallet Drives +33% AOV after Becoming Hub for Deals and Recommendations 


  • Launched RevWallet in time for Black Friday
  • Stretched spend through a mix of AOV-boosting
    Offer Cards
  • Increased awareness for offers and recommendations with an interactive hub

What’s in your RevWallet?

Fill your RevWallet with Offer Cards to drive any goal.
Team RevLifter will help you build the perfect deck. 

Product recommendations

Go discount-free with product recommendations that actually make sense. 

Whether you’re pushing best sellers or ‘recently viewed’, control how often you want them to show with our simple sliders. 

Stretch & Save

Increasing AOV has never been easier.

Deliver a discount in return for higher spend. Gamify this one with a progress bar that shows the customer how close they are to a great deal. 


Daily Deals

For those days when you’re feeling generous.

Broadcast your ‘deal of the day’ and make sure it’s popular with a countdown timer to drive urgency. 

Learn how RevLifter increases AOV for brands like Europcar

Secret Sales

Who doesn’t love an exclusive?

Launch a secret sales to any customer segment at any time. Show and hide limited-time offers based on your goals.


Call Outs

Customers don’t always need a discount to convert.

Retain your margin with timely reminders about ‘free shipping’, ‘buy now, pay later’ and returns. 


Need inspiration? Start
with your biggest goal

Grow average order value (AOV)

Improve new customer acquisition

Reduce cart abandonment

Raise customer lifetime value (LTV)

Increase profit margins

Conversion rate optimization (CRO)

Boost AOV by +20% today

How high will your numbers go?