New Integrated Partner: RevLifter x Partnerize

by | Jun 17 2021

Guest author: Katie Spurkeland, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Partnerize

With advertising costs for traditional sales and marketing channels on a consistent incline, the combination of scale, automation and outcome-based pricing make partner marketing imperative to achieving crucial operating leverage.

The affiliate channel demonstrates its power within this scenario by carrying an impressive 12:1 return on marketing spend. It is currently ranked as the top channel for customer acquisition, spend control and brand safety according to a recent survey of marketers – the necessary flexibility made possible by networks like Partnerize.

In addition to providing end-to-end partner management software in a single destination, Partnerize believes marketers should have the ability to easily integrate their partnership channel data with their technology vendors of choice.

We are leading the charge on open, integrated stacks for multi-touch attribution and turnkey eCommerce platform integrations to accelerate ramp times and minimize resource tax. The Partnerize platform is API first and fully integrated with marketers’ preferred vendors for mobile, multi-touch and cross-channel attribution measurement, commerce, and tag management. We’re delighted to announce that technology ecosystem now includes RevLifter.

Marketers leveraging the Partnerize x RevLifter integration can:

1. Expedite activation of RevLifter infrastructure: Partnerize enables marketers to quickly and easily maximize the benefits of RevLifter’s capabilities with rapid, turnkey implementation that accelerates time to revenue and eliminates heavy technical integration.

2. Optimize on-site consumer experience: Marketers can leverage RevLifter functionality on a performance-based model by implementing and optimizing their dynamic, hyper-personalized campaigns on the Partnerize platform. By providing a simplified integration for RevLifter’s capabilities, Partnerize brands can easily tap into on-site conversion optimization functionality and implement dynamic experiences that positively impact consumers’ propensity to convert.

3. View data side-by-side with the rest of the digital mix: Partnerize is fully integrated across the technology ecosystem with our API-first approach. Maximizing the benefits of RevLifter through Partnerize enables marketers to view the partnership performance in their analytics and attribution using any of our multi-touch or cross-channel attribution integrations. As a result, marketers gain the transparency required to make smarter calls on their allocation of budget.

If you’re currently leveraging RevLifter functionality, you can easily integrate your existing campaign into the Partnerize platform to continue delivering dynamic, personalized content to your audience.

Interested in learning more about Partnerize? Get in touch at [email protected].

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