Launch hyper-personalized messages and deals at key on-site moments to maximize your performance and profit. 
RevConvert unlocks countless opportunities to convert new customers, create immediacy, and drive profit through micro-moment targeting.

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A versatile method of encouraging desired actions in real time

Achieve multiple eCommerce goals through a trigger-based system that leverages valuable signals from each customer to drive conversions.
RevConvert provides native, fully branded page elements that learn from every user journey to capitalize on the revenue boosters within it.

Main features

Native on-site deals

Launch hyper-personalized offers that respond to a real-time view of your customer, their cart contents, and on-site behavior for optimal results.

RevConvert executes your vision of a dream customer experience with timely incentives and prompts, helping you nurture relationships and convert more sales.

revConvert-Native on-site deals

Targeted overlays

Don’t let intrusive pop-ups scare your customers away. RevLifter creates frictionless journeys through tools that draw attention while fitting natively with the rest of your website.

Improve your chances of conversion with subtle yet effective overlays that build urgency at crucial moments.

Exit-intent messages

Detect when you’re about to lose a valuable customer, and convince them to stay and convert.

RevConvert uses dwell times, tab openings and common behavioral traits to launch incentives that increase time on site, raise conversions, and reduce abandonment.

Gamification and
progress bars

Who said deals can’t be fun? Give every customer a reason to spend more by gamifying the incentivization process.

Add new layers to your experience with game mechanics that outline ways of ‘stretching’, ‘expanding’ and ‘boosting’ the cart value for bigger savings.

Location and weather-based targeting

Leverage third-party signals for a granular understanding of the customer psyche on any given day.

Use location data to advise on service or product availability in a local area, or serve weather-based deals that know when to push sweaters or swimwear.

revConvert-Error-code offers

Error-code offers

Broken or invalid coupons could be costing you millions at the checkout. RevLifter remedies the situation with a cart-level offer to replace the non-functioning deal.

Error-code incentives – just one example of how RevConvert navigates obstacles in the path to purchase.

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  • Launched personalized deals that delivered more value for customers and greater margin for the telecom brand
  • Reduced abandonment through a next-gen exit-intent strategy
  • Boosted AOV and CVR in a campaign that won multiple eCommerce awards

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Raise customer lifetime value (LTV)

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Conversion rate optimization (CRO)

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RevLifter increases CVR by an average of 30% and AOV by 20%
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