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Deal Wallet

Remind customers about your hyper-personalized offers and product bundling opportunities with an on-site Deal Wallet. 
Customize the look and feel of an intuitive, fully-branded feature that revolutionizes how offers are stored, managed, and interacted with. 

A single place to unify eCommerce offers 

Ever lost track of a great deal? We’re sure your customers have. Our Deal Wallet assists their journey by keeping hyper-personalized incentives and recommendations in a visible area. 
We’ve created a situation that delivers a great offer, shortens the path to purchase, and ultimately drives your goals by calibrating each incentive to increase margin, revenue, and sales for a product or category.

Main features

Bringing value to the shopping journey

RevLifter has created a bespoke UI to keep the wallet experience in a single, non-intrusive area – even when alerting customer to a new deal. 

If they wish to continue their shopping, your customers can temporarily hide their offers and re-access them at any time.

Display progress to increase AOV

The Deal Wallet doesn’t just contain attractive, hyper-personalized incentives. It also raises spend by showing customers how close they are to a discount or reward.

Users can select which progress bar to display on their page, so the offer is always at the front of their minds. 

AI product recommendation meets deals 

As well as 1-2-1 offers, the wallet leans on split-second analysis to deliver tailored product recommendations that sync with the customer’s real-time behavior and cart contents. 

Put a different spin on your upselling, stretch-and-save, and multi-buy offers by presenting several ways to qualify for an incentive.

Self-learns and optimizes 

Collaborate with RevLifter on a deal and recommendation framework that gets better and better at driving your biggest eCommerce goals.

Like many RevLifter solutions, the Deal Wallet uses AI to learn from every interaction and journey to product more effective recommendations and offers. 

Configure your recommendation engine

Look and location
Choose the design and environment of your Deal Wallet. We ensure everything fits natively with your website and brand.

Use your goals to decide which data sources should guide your recommendation engine. 

Product recommendations
Filter results by price range, brands, categories, and product types to drive results where they matter. 

Average AOV increase of 40%

RevLifter increases AOV by an average of 30%. How high will your numbers go?