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The right mix of offers can drive your eCommerce goals. Let RevLifter be your offers mixologist.

Take the wheel – you’re in control

The RevLifter platform is highly customizable. It gives you the ability to fully control the incentivization process to decide who sees which offers, where, and when.

Not sure where to start? Our team can guide you through the best offers to achieve your goals.

Green Offers


Research shows that 65% of shoppers want to buy from brands with strong sustainability credentials, but only 26% find a way to do so. 

Green Offers enable brands to fund the planting of mangrove trees in gold-standard locations in exchange for purchases.

  • Tap into eco-conscious consumers
  • Drive your green goals while boosting your sales
  • Convert without using a discount 

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Personalized Product Recommendation

Product Recommendations


Shoppers who engage with recommended products convert 70% higher than those that don’t.

RevSuggest is simple, easy-to-use recommendation setup with customizable rules, triggers, and weightings.

  • Increase AOV by suggesting products based on the customer’s journey
  • Combine deals and recommendations to supercharge revenue
  • Decrease decision fatigue with tailor-made suggestions


Spend and Save


Cross-selling at the right moment can increase revenues by up to 43%.

Spend and Save is a gamified promotion that encourages customers to spend more for a bigger saving.

  • Increase AOV by trading bigger incentives for higher spend
  • Provide an ROI-friendly way for customers to get value for money
  • Gamify your promotions through progress bars
Product recommendations screenshot
Exit intent offer example

Exit Intent


Millions of dollars are left on the table each year when website visitors abandon their carts without checking out.

Show them an offer as soon as they signal their intent to leave. You decide which sales to rescue based on spend, margin, segments, and more. 

  • Reduce cart abandonment
  • Gain an edge over competitors selling the same products
  • Convert more high-value and high-margin carts

Ctrl+C Offers


Shoppers routinely copy product names before searching for cheaper prices or discounts.

Stop losing sales to competitors or poor third-party experiences. We’ll help you determine which offers can stop visitors from leaving.

  • Reduce cart abandonment
  • Convert more high-value and high-margin carts
  • Regain control of the customer journey
Ctrl + C offer example
Error code offer example

Error-Code Offers


Retailers lose millions every year from third parties hijacking the checkout process.

Show a valid offer to a visitor trying to use an invalid code from an external website. You can even dial up the incentive on high-value carts.

  • Create a better experience for deal hunters
  • Capture lost revenue
  • Regain control of the customer journey

Location Offers


Relevance leads to stronger connections between brands and consumers – and more conversions.

Highlight products, categories, and offers based on local factors like the weather. You choose the products, categories, and the trigger events.

  • Serve relevant offers that are more likely to convert
  • Inspire visitors with products and categories they haven’t considered
  • Sell more seasonal items the moment they’re in demand
Location offer example
Email signup example

Email Sign-Ups


Purchases made through email marketing have the highest conversion rate of any channel – as high as 66%.

Grow your valuable email list with the right offer. All data is stored securely and handled according to relevant data protection laws.

  • Expand your valuable email list to drive future sales
  • Retain engagement with visitors not ready to buy
  • Capture consent while complying with data protection laws


Daily Deals


Daily Deals are extremely effective at converting new customers. But overuse can harm lifetime value.

Offer Daily Deals with total control over the rules, and add countdown timers and progress bars to drive urgency.

  • Drive acquisition without blanket discounting
  • Increase sales of high-stock items
  • Offer deals to key customer segments
Daily deals example

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