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Flexible pricing to get you started quickly

RevLifter’s simple, scalable pricing options allow you to launch instantly and expand your use of the platform as your needs grow.

  • Fully managed service
  • No set-up fees
  • Go direct or through your affiliate network
  • Paid on performance
  • Drive your first results within weeks

Our pricing

RevLifter is loved by all brands – from young, fast-growing eCommerce businesses to the biggest global retailers.

We’re paid on performance, so whether you’re driving new customers, conversions, or revenue, our solutions are always affordable. When we win, you win.

Payment and integration can be set up directly or through your chosen affiliate network. Instant, tag-based implementation is available on several eCommerce platforms and we’re continuing to add new partners and integrations.

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How it works

Whether you’re integrating via your chosen affiliate platform or going direct, you always benefit from a fully managed service delivered by our team of experts.
The first stage will have you working alongside our dedicated onboarding pros to map your goals to a pixel perfect, fully branded solution. When you’re ready to launch, our customer success team will be on hand to manage your program and deliver maximum ongoing growth.

RevLifter has a range of solutions tailored to your specific eCommerce goals. It’s common for our retailers to start with one package and then add more features for full platform utilization.

Strong ROI for every brand

Engaged brands see ROI of 20-30x with full platform utilization. On average, we boost conversion rates by +30% and AOV by 20%.
Our incredible return on investment has helped RevLifter build one of the highest client retention rates in the martech industry. Get in touch and let’s grow together.

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