Create rules, embed new features, and delve deeper into your RevLifter® campaigns on a centralized hub.
We’re bringing a fresh wave of insight and optimization to your deal strategy, all thanks to our Personalization Platform.

Manage your entire incentivization process on a single technology

RevLifter’s Personalization Platform is your one-stop shop for eCommerce offer optimization.
Keep updated on the real-time progress of your campaigns and learn more about innovative tools that link up to RevLifter’s entire product suite.

Main features

A/B testing and conversion rate optimization (CRO)

Integrate deals into your CRO strategy with powerful A/B tests that reveal the true impact of your content and incentives.

Through a managed service, you can analyze the merits of each design, message, deal, and tactic to build your conversion-driving formula.

Rich campaign insights

Need instant results and analysis? Gather real-time reports to highlight key trends and refine your strategy. 

Head to our platform for a unified view of deal performance across your entire eCommerce journey. We can even show the incremental impact of turning RevLifter on and off.

Powerful categorization

Treat every customer as an individual while driving your business priorities with RevLifter’s goal-based deal-serving process.

Define customers based on any factor – such as new or existing, interests, purchase history, and gender – and simply apply those rules to your features.

Powerful segmentation
IA-product recommendations

AI product recommendations

RevLifter combines AI, product recommendation, and deals for a completely new way of raising purchase values and high-margin sales.

Deploy relevant suggestions across email, RevConvert and RevPage through an engine that learns and optimizes from every click.

Personalization triggers

Our unique on-site tracking software gathers vast amounts of behavioral data as well as additional first and third-party signals to create bespoke offer triggers.

Get closer to customers by integrating location data for geo-targeting purposes, show products that reflect their local weather, and give every deal a contextual edge.

Popular data points include:

  • Location
  • Real-time weather
  • Customer behavior
  • Customer intent – e.g. exit, purchase
  • Customer type – e.g. new or existing
  • Media touchpoint


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          Conversion rate optimization (CRO)

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          RevLifter increases CVR by an average of 30% and AOV by 20%
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