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The lowdown on

  • UK vendor of smartphones and contracts
  • Online-only Carphone Warehouse brand

Campaign overview

  • Deployed RevConvert® for goal-based incentivization
  • Created an algorithm to analyze millions of data points to find the best deal


Conversion Rate


Bounce Rate

Challenge needed a way of dynamically adjusting its promotions to meet a series of ambitious KPIs.

The retailer wanted to remain profitable during Cyber Week, where aggressive promotional activity can hurt margins. However, it knew that simply pushing deals on high-margin plans wouldn’t deliver the required impact on its conversion rate.

The retailer wanted to base its recommendations around what was already in the cart and help customers unlock bigger savings. Each swap would then offer benefits to both the brand and the shopper, inevitably producing better results.


  • Conversion rate = Target: 6% (from 4.6%)
  • Bounce rate = Target: Below 30% (from 38%)
  • Increase iPhone sales share = Target increase: 30%

Award Wins

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The Solution

RevLifter’s main challenge was to sift through’s extensive list of plans, in real-time, to find something that fit the criteria.

RevLifter met the retailer’s objectives by developing a bespoke data algorithm to work alongside RevConvert: an intelligent on-site messaging tool that maximizes the potential of each basket and sale.

First, team RevLifter integrated with an exclusive BigUpData Enhanced Telco feed from affiliate network Awin, which equipped the algorithm with enough information to upsell the customer. The team then created a process to calculate the real-time margin of every cart to deliver a personalized, profitable offer, which went as follows:

1. The customer finds a suitable handset on, selects a tariff, and adds it to their basket. A real-time feed scan with customizable rules is activated.

2. The customer is recommended a tariff with more data, which is often cheaper and drives a better margin for

3. When the user clicks an ‘unlock your special offer’ button on the basket page, an overlay delivers better value on their purchase and swaps the items in their order. ‘unlock your special offer’ screenshot RevPage screenshot’s Cyber Week strategy was multi-tiered, aimed at raising the value of each basket through timely on-site dialogue and – in the event of potential abandonment – reeling customers back into purchasing mindset.

RevLifter produced three main scenarios to target:

Low-margin baskets

Regular customers were given deals that increased their cart value while providing better savings overall.

iPhone customers

Due to the associated margin on iPhones, RevLifter used its data-driven methodology to source better deals for shoppers with these devices in their carts. Additionally, special overlays triggered on product pages for those who hadn’t.

iPhone abandoners

If someone viewing an iPhone product page dwelled for over 60 seconds with no activity, they were targeted by an overlay that redirected them to a ‘Black Friday deals’ page, full of hyper-personalized offers.

“Implementing RevLifter, from initial idea generation to technical implementation, has been smooth. Mobile phone purchases are subject to complex user journeys that consider thousands of variations of deals and offers.


RevLifter has created a bespoke journey which drives better value for customers and better margins for the business. We’ve recorded a positive increase in time on site and conversion while complimenting the end user’s experience.”


Jay Karsandas
Digital Marketing Manager

Photo of Jay Karsandas


RevLifter’s innovative, data-driven approach was a huge success, allowing to reward individual customers while hitting each of its KPIs.

The results showed the true impact of giving customers a deal that brought more value to their order while boosting the retailer’s margin.

The campaign has since become an award winner, with victories at:

  • Best eCommerce Campaign at the Global Marketing Awards
  • Best Performance Marketing Campaign – Western Europe at the International Performance Marketing Awards
  • Best Use of Data at the UK Performance Marketing Awards


IPhone Sales Share During Cyber Week

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