Introducing Green Offers: RevLifter’s Eco-Friendly Offer Type

by | Sep 27 2022

RevLifter is all about bringing positive change to the world – however big or small. In this specific instance, we’re going big. 

Introducing: Green Offers, our eco-friendly offer type.

The latest addition to RevLifter’s platform gives brands the opportunity to offset global carbon emissions by pledging to plant trees in exchange for sales made by their customers.

In a typical campaign, a brand might offer to plant 10 trees in exchange for the customer completing their purchase. More sales; more trees; more offsetting!

Allow us to explain the finer details.

How do Green Offers work?

Green Offers enable brands to fund the planting of mangrove trees in gold-standard locations in exchange for purchases.

A typical pledge might be:

“Complete your purchase and we’ll plant 10 trees in your name”

The offer type is powered by RevConvert, which uses real-time signals from the customer to inform the delivery of personalized incentives.

Here’s a four-step process currently being used by a beta client:

1. Retailer sets deal triggers – e.g. launch on exit intent, or when cart is at a certain value.

2. Customer receives deal via native overlay triggered by RevConvert. Here’s an example of how that might appear:

Green Offers screenshot

3. Customer clicks through to offer and completes purchase.

4. Purchase confirmation email contains link to view their contribution in the brand’s virtual forest.

Why Green Offers are a great idea

We firmly believe that Green Offers can help close the ‘intention-action’ gap that prevents most customers from making positive contributions to the environment. 

Research from Harvard Business Review shows that 65% of shoppers want to buy from brands with strong sustainability credentials. However, only 26% find a way to do so. 

On the consumer’s side, redeeming a Green Offer is an everyday action that contributes to the well-being of our planet. Making an impact is as simple as buying something from a retailer’s site. 

For brands, the primary benefit is becoming the vehicle for that impact. There’s also the chance to incentivize sales without using a discount and appeal to eco-conscious audiences that value more than just price when making a purchase.

Where do the trees go?

Like with any environmental project, accountability and transparency are key to success. 

We searched far and wide before choosing Ecologi as the right party to handle the tree-planting process. 

Having reduced over 2.2 million tonnes of CO2e by supporting reforestation projects in countries like Madagascar, Mozambique, and Uganda alongside over 12,000 partners, we knew it could manage the scale required to power Green Offers.  

Tree planting is enabled by the purchasing of carbon credits. Ecologi only purchases those from globally reputable standards, such as Gold Standard and Verified Carbon Standard. 

And as we want brands to get ambitious with a tree-planting goal, we’ve made it possible for them to view their impact in their own virtual forest.

How to go green

To celebrate the launch of Green Offers, we’re giving all new and existing customers 500 free trees when they sign up for a Spend and Save campaign on RevConvert. That’s 50 free sales – totally on us.

Contact [email protected] to set up your first RevConvert campaign with Green Offers. 

For current users, launching Green Offers couldn’t be easier. Simply reach out to your customer success representative to discuss how to go live.

While you’re doing that…

Team RevLifter will be reducing our own carbon footprint after gaining the PlanetMark Certification. 

This program requires businesses like ours to pledge to improvements in sustainability within their operations by measuring and reducing their carbon footprint.

We’ll reduce our footprint year-on-year while aiding global reforestation projects through Green Offers. Why not sign up to our newsletter to see how we’re getting on?

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