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Meet the RevLifter: Ryan Booth

Kieran Donkin
November 11, 2022

Welcome to the latest edition of our ‘Meet the RevLifters’ feature, bringing you the inside story on the brains behind the innovation.

This week, we talk to Ryan Booth, Senior Data Operations Executive, who is based in our Newcastle office. Ryan tells us what it’s like to start out at RevLifter and the opportunities for someone at the early stages of their career.

Tell us about your career so far

RevLifter is my first job out of university! I had two previous jobs while I studied which gave me so much valuable experience that I’ve been able to bring to this role. I’ve been with RevLifter just over a year and I am still very excited to see how my career will evolve within the company.

What’s your role at RevLifter?

I am a Senior Data Operations Executive, so I manage our CRM (Customer Relationship Management) database. I navigate incoming data and ensure it is communicated to the relevant team. As a result, they utilize the data to fit their purpose.

I’m their first port of call when it comes to any queries they may have regarding the information we collect. I’m always happy to help and offer support whenever it’s needed.

Why RevLifter?

The chance to work within such a niche and ever-growing company was too good to pass on, especially with such a diverse portfolio of brands. That, alongside how much I was welcomed into the team from day one is why I love RevLifter.

Establishing strong work relationships is really important to me, I love the supportive environment we have here.

What’s different about working here?

I’d say how collaborative it is. I work hard to help RevLifter but the company really helps me too. For example, I’m being offered really valuable training so I can develop my skills.

I’m so grateful for the opportunities I’ve had as a result. It shows to me the commitment the company has to their employees, as well as giving me the chance to prove what I’m capable of.

What’s your favorite moment from working here so far?

Travelling to attend events is definitely up there. It’s always great to meet the faces behind a brand and it’s a fun way to connect with new people within the eCommerce industry.

Our work social events are also tough to beat. When I think of a favorite moment, these definitely spring to mind. They’re always such a good laugh.

What excites you about the journey we’re going on?

Within the year I have been here, I’ve witnessed huge growth within the company. I’m excited for that to continue.

Some of the colleagues I work with are also at the start of their careers and I can’t wait to see how we all grow together and where the future takes us.

How have you found the team dynamic?

It’s second to none. I love how we all work together. We listen, share and collaborate on ideas, which is what makes the team dynamic so great. We’re incredibly supportive of each other and we have lots of fun.

What do you do in your free time?

Football, whether it be playing Sunday league for my local team or going to watch the match. I’m a huge Sunderland fan so I follow the team both home and away.

To speak to Ryan about RevLifter, find him on LinkedIn