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Meet the RevLifter: Dan Bond

Kieran Donkin
July 26, 2023
4 minutes

Our ‘Meet the RevLifter’ series is back with a bang, as we catch up with our VP of Marketing Mr. Dan Bond.

Since joining us in 2022, Dan oversees all areas of marketing and works hard to bring our creative vision and message to life. You’ll also hear his voice on our regular webinars which are a the perfect way to learn more about what we can do.

Dan is a vital part of the RevLifter team spreading the good word about our Intelligent Offer Platform.

Hi Dan. What’s for breakfast this morning?

I can't overstate the importance of a good breakfast. Ideally, I would like to start the day with a leisurely meal eaten over a few hours. There would be many courses and much discussion about the affairs of the day.

But, due to time and not wanting to be very overweight constraints, I walk the dog and have a smoothie I make myself.

Describe your role in under 10 words


Now with a little bit more detail...

Oh, you know. All the things Marketing does. Develop the proposition, educate the market, and generate new business. All that tactical stuff we do. What it comes down to is our goal is to get more happy RevLifter customers.

What attracted you to a role at RevLifter?

The two most important questions to ask yourself when you're looking to work in marketing at a company are:

1. Do I understand the proposition for this? Do I get why people buy it?

2. Do I understand who will buy it? Is there a clear idea of a target market?

In RevLifter's case, the answer to both questions was 'yes'.

After that, it was all about culture, and I knew some people already working at RevLifter, so that made it clear it was a good place to be.

Give us a couple of highlights from your time here so far

They gave me an award for being fun. Which was nice. Also, every time we have some commercial success, I get the warm and fuzzies - new customers, awards, good customer feedback. It's all good.

What’s on your to-do-list today?

Write one of these Meet the Team things. I blame Kieran for that. Then there's a whole pile of things we're working on to let more people know about our intelligent offer platform. If you're reading this and you work in eCommerce, you should really check it out. Go on.

Best part of working here?

The team are a mixed bunch who all bring different things to the party. And it works. Like a cocktail. I regard myself as the stick of olives perched on the top.

Who would play you in a film of your life?

Jason Statham. It would be a very, very loose adaption.

To speak to Dan more about RevLifter and what we can do, find him on LinkedIn.