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Meet the RevLifter: Amelia Stroud

Rich Towey
March 8, 2023

In our latest edition of ‘Meet the RevLifter’, we catch up with Campaign Manager Amelia Stroud.

Since joining RevLifter in 2022, Amelia has become a major part of our highly successful campaigns team.

By collaborating with our brands, Amelia ensures that each RevLifter campaign is optimized to its full potential while remaining true to the brand in question.

Hi Amelia! Good work comes from good fuel. What’s for breakfast this morning?

A Pret Veggie Roll. If you don’t know, get to know!

I had this with a trio of drinks: a ginger shot, a double espresso with oat milk, and a pint of water. The breakfast of champions.

Sum up your role in five words

Flexible, innovative, collaborative, enjoyable, and exciting.

Great! Now with a bit more detail…

As a Campaign Manager, I work closely alongside our brands to manage their campaigns and collaborate on ideas to optimize their results.

What’s it like working at RevLifter?

The RevLifter team is full of amazing talent. I always feel such a good, collaborative atmosphere both in the office and remotely, which makes it all the more enjoyable.

There is also a culture of continual improvement via both the innovative products we deliver and within the personal development of our team. We are always growing in some manner, which is exciting to see.

How’s life at RevLifter at the minute?

Life at RevLifter is pretty exciting – I have to be honest! There’s quite a buzz within our team due to some really exciting updates that are happening very soon. I won’t give too much away but it’s a big step for us and something our brands will love. Sorry, no spoilers!

What’s your proudest moment from working here so far?

Becoming a Campaign Manager at RevLifter is up there with one of my proudest moments. Being recognized for my hard work and trusted to manage campaigns for amazing brands makes me feel valued and appreciated.

Who’s your role model?

It’s got to be my dad. He’s a farmer so he works every day of the year, night and day. Despite the long hours, he’s always there for our family and makes time for us when we need him.

Only a few weeks ago, my return train from Manchester was cancelled and I had important client meetings to get back to. When I called dad, he was only annoyed because I hadn’t asked him for a lift sooner.

He goes above and beyond for everyone and I find that so admirable.

What’s something we probably don’t know about you?

I worked as an English teacher in rural Ghana as well as an English assistant in Spain the following year. I met lots of fabulous people and it was amazing to immerse myself in two completely different cultures.

To speak to Amelia more about RevLifter and what we can do, find her on LinkedIn.