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How to Reduce Cart Abandonment: The Speedy Guide

Rich Towey
March 13, 2023

Cart abandonment – it’s a problem for online brands, to say the least. Reports indicate that around 75% of all eCommerce carts never make the checkout. However, that figure goes over 90% in highly competitive industries like fashion and DIY. If you want to reduce cart abandonment, you’re not alone.

Price, shipping costs, and poor UX are just three reasons why people abandon their carts. Sometimes, the customer needs more time to consider their purchase, or more knowledge to guide their decision.

In any case, it’s important to realize the value attached to every 1% of abandoners. Lost sales are part of the eCommerce game. But it’s never too late to explore ways of retaining more traffic and increasing your online revenue.

Cart abandonment technologies

The task of reducing your rates of on-site abandonment could lead you to hundreds of different solutions. It’s a complex issue and every provider has their own way of managing the process.

Retargeting serves to remind customers of what they’ve left behind. Abandonment emails and SMS alerts drive the same goal through more direct channels.

While these can effectively recapture lost sales, today’s eCommerce trailblazers take a more proactive approach. RevLifter has a suite of different solutions and strategies for bringing down your cart abandonment rates. Our main options include:

Predictive targeting

The best cart abandonment solutions identify an intent to leave before it actually happens.

If someone is taking too long on a single page, they could be undergoing a comparison mission away from your site. If that same customer opens three tabs very quickly, there’s a good chance they’re exploring their options or getting sidetracked.

One way that RevLifter predictively solves cart abandonment is through exit-intent messages. These use behavioral signals like dwell times to gauge the risk of losing a sale. RevLifter then issues a hyper-personalized message or incentive to convert those at risk of abandonment.

A/B testing

RevLifter’s platform makes it easy for any brand to adjust their design, messaging, and offers to see which converts best. It’s something that permeates every campaign, but abandonment is a compelling use case.

Our test-and-learn methods lean on AI for continuous optimization. The RevLifter platform identifies trends in your abandonment data to assess which approaches are working – and which are not – to focus on the winners.

In just two weeks, your eCommerce site could shift the ratio of buyers to abandoners in a more favorable direction.

High-value customer targeting

All customers carry a risk of abandonment. Nevertheless, launching a “20% off” code to anyone showing signs of leaving could negatively impact your margin.

Every customer and cart is different. Some are more valuable and worthy of a bigger incentive. This is why blanket promotions are becoming less popular.

RevLifter uses your goals to define the carts you cannot afford to lose. We then target customers based on factors like minimum spend, margin, location, and serve an incentive that ensures profitability.

Cart abandonment, at least as a core eCommerce challenge, isn’t going anywhere. But through hyper-personalization, you’ll always have a way of chipping into your 75%.

How RevLifter motivates customers to stay and convert

Deploys next-gen exit-intent messages

Our trigger-based system reacts instantly to proven signs of abandonment through tailored messages and offers.

RevLifter uses dwell times, new tab openings and the copying of product names to spot which customers need an incentive to convert. We then consult with your goals to select the best response.

Improves deal relevance

Consumers are highly receptive to personalized deals and experiences. With RevLifter, you can build intelligent promotions that connect with each shopper on a deeper level.

Utilize behavioral and purchase data to create hyper-personalized content and offers, leading to improved loyalty, satisfaction, and CVR.

Recaptures deal-seeking customers

Hit a new milestone in your abandonment strategy by steering customers away from coupon sites full of competitors and broken offers.

Offers pages switch the narrative by recapturing abandoners through SEO and PPC. We direct your traffic back to a hyper-personalized offer page, and into the purchasing mindset.

Instills urgency through countdown timers

Inspire quicker sales and actions by syncing your exclusive offers to a countdown feature.

RevLifter’s cutting-edge UX and design make it easy to launch time-sensitive deals that reduce the window of consideration through native, non-intrusive page elements.