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Campaign of the Month, March 2023: Shop4Runners

Rich Towey
April 20, 2023

Shop4Runners is RevLifter’s Campaign of the Month for March.

Here’s how the sporting goods retailer shot from the starting blocks to instantly boost its conversion rate.

The challenge

Shop4Runners is the expert in all things running. Stocking shoes, clothing, and a range of accessories, the retailer faces the usual challenges of customers leaving its site to compare prices elsewhere and generally trying to build bigger orders.

The brand had a few tools for tackling these two challenges internally. However, it wondered whether an external partner like RevLifter could take its conversion rate (CVR) and average order value (AOV) to the next level.

One of the biggest considerations when building the campaign was Shop4Runners’ tactical approach to incentivizing customers. It keeps a close eye on its margin, avoiding broad discounts where possible.

RevLifter’s personalized offers were a great fit for the brand’s requirements.

The campaign

After choosing native overlays, Shop4Runners launched a host of offers to reflect its specific challenges:

Abandonment tactics

Ctrl+C Codes

To reduce instances of customers leaving its site to compare prices, Shop4Runners launched Ctrl+C Codes. Offers for ‘€10 off’ fired when certain product names were copied onto the clipboard, ready to be pasted into the browser.


A separate abandonment play focused on other exit-intent signals, including lengthy dwell times and movements toward the ‘close window’ button. This triggered a €5 discount on standard orders and a ‘€10 off’ discount for higher-spending VIPs.

AOV-building tactics

Where Shop4Runners did permit discounts, the brand wanted to ensure a high return.

Multiple Stretch and Save tiers ranging from ‘Free delivery’ to ‘20% off’ raised cart values by giving every customer an incentive to aim for:

The results

After making several tweaks to its campaigns for optimal performance, Shop4Runners beat its RevLifter personal best by some distance.

The brand saw uplift in the following areas:

  • +108% CVR
  • +30.7% AOV
  • +231% Revenue
  • +153% Sales

Thanks to multiple triple-digit improvements, Shop4Runners is a worthy winner of our March Campaign of the Month.