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Campaign of the Month, January 2023: Face the Future

Rich Towey
February 21, 2023

Every month, we single out one brand that has excelled on our personalized offers platform, either through innovation, creative uses of our technology, outstanding results, or all three.

We are delighted to announce that our winner for January 2023 is beauty brand Face the Future.

The Challenge

Summer 2022 was a very special one at RevLifter HQ as Face the Future became the first brand to launch with an Offers Wallet.

Offers Wallet is an intuitive on-site hub that stretches spend and drives conversions by centralizing all of a customer’s deals, recommendations, and messages.

It’s tailor-made for beauty brands like Face the Future that appreciate the value behind giving each customer a list of personalized suggestions based on their behavior and interests.

The brand’s first campaigns produced a +33% rise in average order values (AOV) through tactics like Stretch and Save. The innovation also tackled cart abandonment by giving customers a single place to access their personalized offers.

When planning for winter, Face the Future wanted to expand its use of RevWallet by focusing on seasonal challenges like moving excess stock and highlighting specific brands.

The Campaign

Face the Future’s winter Offers Wallet brought a host of new personalized deals to the table.

One of the biggest campaigns saw Face the Future use a Call Out to push offers from specific brands. As well as aiding brand discovery, this created a dual benefit by generating a fresh stream of revenue for Face the Future by way of supplier-funded promotions.

For moving excess stock, Face the Future’s new ‘Gift with purchase’ campaigns drove plenty of full-price sales by offering high-supply items in exchange for sales above a certain value.

The Wallet itself has been refreshed, with icons switched for tabs and several design and UX enhancements, all of which have massively improved click-through rates and usability.  

The Results

As a result of the new campaigns and enhancements, Face the Future received an early Christmas present by way of a host of increases across its KPIs.

Studying Q3 2022 vs Q4 2022, our analysis revealed:

  • +164% sales
  • +177% revenue
  • +5% AOV
  • +256% clicks

We love to see brands get creative. The decision to use Call Outs as a vehicle for supplier-funded promotions is a masterstroke and one of our favorite uses of the technology to date.

Mixing these types of campaigns with known revenue drivers like ‘gift with purchase’ makes a winner in our book.

Big congratulations to Ben Thompson and the Face the Future team on claiming RevLifter’s Campaign of the Month! If you’d like some further reading, our full case study with Face the Future is live on our site.

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