Beauty Brand Wet n Wild Increases Direct Revenue with Abandonment and AOV Plays

Wet n Wild logo

The lowdown on Wet n Wild

  • Award-winning beauty brand founded in 1979
  • Stocks a range of high-quality, budget makeup
    products under own brand
  • Sells direct and at major department stores, e.g. Target

Campaign overview

  • Used RevConvert to instantly reduce abandonment and boost CVR
  • Leveraged Exit-Intent and Error-Code Offers to solve
    key issues
  • Launched Spend and Save tiers to increase AOV






Increase direct revenue by improving AOV and reducing abandonment.

Founded in 1979, Wet n Wild has carved a reputation as one of the standout players on the US beauty scene.

Years of excellence have led to its own brand of makeup and cosmetics products being found in a wide variety of major stores, like Target, as well as online resellers like Beauty Bay, Boots, and Superdrug. On social media, Wet and Wild has built an enviable following, comprising over three million followers on Instagram and 50,000 subscribers on YouTube.

The brand knows it has a strong product and, by offering cruelty-free, affordable products with clean ingredients, a strong message to convey.

Similar to many online beauty brands, Wet n Wild’s challenge is being able to maintain its reseller revenue while steadily increasing profit by improving its direct business.

After analyzing its on-site performance, Wet n Wild saw room for improvement across its conversion rates in particular. Part of the issue stemmed from customers knowing where else to find the brand’s products and often leaving its site in search of a deal.

Average order value (AOV) was flagged as another opportunity to capitalize on. Given the amount of complimentary products on its site, Wet n Wild knew its customers would have an idea of how to expand their order in exchange for a small discount, even without the use of product recommendations.

The brand discussed these opportunities with RevLifter and went about mapping each to a solution and offer type.


  • Increase CVR
  • Increase AOV
  • Reduce abandonment

The Solution

Use RevConvert® to trigger on-site offers based on reducing abandonment and increasing spend.

RevConvert is an on-site technology that delivers personalized offers and messages based on micro-moments in the user journey. For Wet n Wild, this meant being able to intervene in circumstances where it could drive a goal, like raising spend or converting shoppers that were displaying an intent to leave its site. RevConvert’s offers are delivered via a native overlay to create a seamless customer journey.

Wet n Wild Exit Intent screenshot

Solution #1 Exit-Intent Offers

An Exit-Intent campaign used lengthy dwell times (no activity for one minute) to determine whether a customer was either losing interest or assessing their options on a separate tab.

When this happened, a “10% off” promotion would trigger to reignite their interest and urge them to either complete their purchase or continue their journey. The
offer would also appear when customers moved their cursor toward the close window button – another key sign of site or cart abandonment.

Solution #2 Error-Code Offers

Wet n Wild noticed that customers with items in their cart often searched for a deal to bring down the cost of their purchase. Once back on-site (by no means a given due to the disruption to their journey) and after entering a code that could not be redeemed, the customers frequently abandoned their orders rather than continuing with a full-price sale.

RevConvert met the challenge with an Error-Code Offer, which displayed a message apologizing for the invalid code and offered a “10%” discount in exchange for the customer completing their purchase. The Error-Code Offer closed a major gap in the user journey and drove the highest conversion rate of all the campaigns.

Wet n Wild Error Code screenshot
Wet n Wild Stretch and Save screenshot

Solution #3 Spend and Save

A final offer type, Spend and Save, increased AOV by offering a discount in exchange for the customer adding more products to their cart. The overlay was triggered on the cart page just before the customer checked out.

Multiple offer tiers, including a ‘free delivery’ incentive for low-value carts, meant every shopper had something to aim for.

“As Wet n Wild‘s marketing agency, working with RevLifter has been a great experience. From the start, the team has gone above and beyond for us, and our communication has been seamless and timely. We have seen our program really turn around in the past year since launching multiple campaigns with RevLifter‘s technology and we’ve continued to reach our AOV and revenue goals month after month.”


Elizabeth Stahl
Senior Affiliate Account Manager
Blue Cherry Group

Photo of Elizabeth Stahl


RevConvert drove thousands in extra revenue for Wet n Wild by focusing on scenarios that were hampering its conversion rate. As a major plus, the extra efforts to raise AOV made every customer more valuable.

Studying the uplift to its conversion rate, improvements were seen across every campaign.

Among the Spend and Save offers that targeted a rise in AOV, the best-performing option was the highest tier for “15% off orders over $60”. It drove an average of +25% more spend and with the added bonus of a +189% boost to CVR.

As a result of RevLifter’s success, Wet n Wild’s agency moved quickly to implement RevConvert at of its sister brands, Physicians Formula.

As for Wet n Wild, the brand is currently looking into stickier tools to build the cart values through tailored recommendations, messages, and offers.





Error-Code Offers



Spend and Save



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