Meet the RevLifter: Rhys Spencer

by | Nov 28 2022


Welcome to our latest edition of ‘Meet the RevLifter’, where we profile the brains behind the innovation. 

This week, we talk to Rhys Spencer, who supercharges the revenue of our brands through his role as Customer Success Manager.


Tell us about your career

I’ve worked in the affiliate marketing industry for over seven years. That journey has taken me to agencies, networks, and a range of brands, giving me an invaluable amount of knowledge across the workings of the channel. I’m now putting it to good use at RevLifter.


What’s your role at RevLifter?

My role as Customer Success Manager consists of building relationships with key stakeholders at our clients as well as creating plans to address their business objectives.

There is a lot to my role, which keeps it varied and exciting. My overarching goal is to ensure brands remain happy with our service. Those brands get RevLifter with the idea of growing online, and our department is adept at delivering results while factoring in their unique requirements.


Why RevLifter?

RevLifter is ahead of the curve when it comes to deal personalization. The team has specialist knowledge about the marketing industry, which we use to our full advantage to optimize every opportunity for our clients.

We’re sitting on a smart and innovative product that we believe in, that’s why RevLifter!


What’s different about working here?

I’d say how collaborative it is. Not only do I work hard to help RevLifter, the company does what it can to help me too.

For example, I’m being offered valuable training so I can develop my skills in areas that will benefit me in the long term.

The opportunities I’ve had as a result I am so grateful for. It shows the commitment RevLifter has to its employees, as well as giving me the chance to prove what I’m capable of.


What’s your favorite moment from working here so far?

The competitive streak in me is saying it has to be the range of awards we won this past year.

From ‘Best Use of Personalization 2022′ at the eCommerce Awards to ‘Innovative Retail Tech Product of the Year’ at the the 2022 Smart Retail Tech Expo. Its been great to be part of the winning team.


What excites you about the journey we’re going on?

It’s really exciting to be within the eCommerce space right now.

RevLifter is always recognizing and capitalizing on opportunities within eCommerce, especially in this ever-changing landscape. The way eCommerce is evolving is so interesting and I’m excited to be part of something that is at the forefront and making a real change to the online retail experience.


How have you found the team dynamic?

It’s a brilliant dynamic. We all share the same passion and work ethic, which makes it such a great team.

We trust each other to do our best and we’re always open to sharing new ideas. Our team social events are always so much fun, and it’s a great way to get everyone from our Newcastle and London offices together.


What do you do in your free time?

I have quite the collection of houseplants, so when I’m not working, I make sure to look after them. I like being around nature so it makes sense for me to have lots of plants around my home.


To speak to Rhys about RevLifter, or for some useful tips on keeping your plants alive, find him on LinkedIn.  


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