Conversion Rate Optimization: The Speedy Guide

by | Mar 13 2023

Conversion rate optimization or ‘CRO’ is fast becoming an essential practice for anyone selling online.

The basic principle of eCommerce involves converting visitors into customers. With that in mind, virtually all brands should see value in raising the proportion of people that complete a sale.

As for how you progress your CRO strategy, there are many ways of launching new initiatives and recording the results. Hyper-personalization can play a highly beneficial role here. 

By using a single platform to drive your CRO efforts, it’s easier to conduct and manage A/B tests that transform your website into a conversion-driving engine.

Finding areas to optimize


CRO – when done correctly – unites a series of goals and challenges. By tackling cart abandonment, lowering bounce rates, and improving time on site, you can get customers to take significant steps toward the checkout. These measures will invariably optimize your conversion rate.

When starting out with CRO and A/B testing, you’ll need to find good places to conduct your experiments.

One piece of advice – don’t restrict your CRO strategy to the low-performing areas. Pages with high levels of traffic will produce a much bigger set of data, ensuring quicker results and a bigger return. 

You’ll then want to list all the metrics that equate to CRO success. Each brand has their own way of building a conversion rate, but factors like time on site, bounce rates, conversions, and traffic are essential inclusions. 

Using hyper-personalization in CRO efforts


Brands use 1-2-1 targeting to give users what they need at key moments in the purchase cycle. 

Maybe the user needs more information on what they’re buying. The targeting of comparison-related keywords allows a brand to answer questions that could lead to a sale. But that only takes the customer so far. An ideal response would be to launch a hyper-personalized deal from the same landing page to speed up the purchase.

We also have the abandonment angle, which plays a huge part in CRO success. A user might show signs of leaving your site by copying a product’s name into a new tab. Tests conducted by RevLifter show that using a 1-2-1 engine to serve deals to exit-bound users can significantly impact conversion rates.

How RevLifter delivers an instant impact on CRO


Learns and reacts through A/B tests

Use RevLifter to build your conversion-driving formula with meaningful A/B tests on deal designs, messages, and tactics. 

Testing different offers can help with conversion rate optimization

Expose a control group to fresh ideas and compare the uplift in real time through easily understandable reports that highlight your winners and losers. 

We’ll reserve a final note to the use of A/B testing. This is easily performed across all of RevLifter’s CRO-related efforts. By measuring the performance of each tactic through a simple dashboard, you can focus your attention on the activities that convert.

Applies gamification to progress a sale

Do more than just serve a deal by packaging your incentives into an entirely new layer of the customer experience. 

Using gamification for conversion rate optimization

RevLifter’s countdown timers, games, and overlays help to tackle bounce rates and retain your visitors before inspiring their purchase. 

Micro-moment targeting

Want to catch customers in the purchasing mindset? RevConvert leverages behavioral data to repeatedly optimize conversions during these micro-moments.

Micro-moment targeting can help with conversion rate optimization

Leverage situational CRO by using signals of intent to resonate with customers at the most crucial points of their journey.

Next-gen exit-intent messages

Tackling abandonment is a critical part of CRO. RevLifter utilizes a host of proactive measures to detect when someone is about to leave your site and encourage them to stay. 

Exit-intent messages can help with conversion rate optimization

Instantly react to lengthy dwell times and new tab openings to recover sales before they lapse. 

Need more tips on conversion rate optimization? Book a demo with RevLifter today. 

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