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The RevLifter Peak Season Playbook returns for 2023

Rich Towey
August 23, 2023
2 mins

Last year, RevLifter produced our first-ever Peak Season Playbook. Bringing a selection of ready-made tactics for maximizing eCommerce revenue in Q4, it quickly became our most popular resource from 2022.

The reception made sense. Brands are under immense pressure to incentivize customers tactically during the retail industry’s golden quarter. Sitewide discounts provide an easy way to drive volume. However, these tend to reel in low-value customers checking out with low-margin carts.

The solution is to take to Q4 with controlled incentivization efforts that intervene only when a retailer’s goal can be driven. That’s where the RevLifter Peak Season Playbook comes in. 

What’s new?

The Peak Season Playbook is dedicated solely to solving key challenges faced by eCommerce retailers during Q4. 

Some of the new pain points tackled this year include:

Invalid codes

With many customers using events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday to get a deal, the internet is rife with fake voucher codes. These inevitably carry a negative impact on conversion rates among customers that can’t unlock a saving.

High return rates

Recent analysis finds that one in every three Black Friday purchases is returned, leaving retailers with a logistical and financial nightmare. 

Increasing order values

Seasonal discounts are a great way to boost sales during key periods in Q4. The challenge is ensuring customers have a big enough cart value to justify a saving.

If any of these challenges sound familiar, the guide is for you. 

How do I implement these ideas? 

Each strategy referenced within the Playbook can be launched quickly and simply via the RevLifter platform.  

We’ve focused on ideas that are rapid to launch, but there’s always the opportunity to dial up the personalization at a later date.

There we have it.

eCommerce Peak Season Guide 2024 cover