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RevLifter beats global competition to win three Rakuten Golden Link Awards

Rich Towey
October 8, 2021
2 mins

Three awards, one highly commended – let’s just say yesterday marked RevLifter’s moment at the Rakuten Golden Link Awards.

Our global success was in full view across both the European and US ceremonies, which took place within four hours of each other on Thursday, October 7.

Being celebrated four times over highlighted the power of personalized offers for Rakuten clients and their rising popularity around the network. Team RevLifter couldn’t have been happier to claim some of the most competitive prizes on the night, all of which were made possible by our trailblazing clients, Get the Label and Harvey Nichols.

Our awards were:

Rakuten Golden Link Awards (EU)

  • Won: Best Advertiser & Publisher Collaboration (w/ Get the Label)
  • Won: Best International Strategy (w/ Harvey Nichols)
  • Highly commended: Affiliate Campaign of the Year (w/ Get the Label)

Rakuten Golden Link Awards (US)

Won: Most Innovative Campaign (w/ Harvey Nichols)

Our last Golden Link Award came in 2019 courtesy of the ‘Innovation prize’. RevLifter was highlighted as an example of how innovative, performance-based practices can help retailers produce better outcomes for both themselves and their customers. In our unique case, special praise was heaped on our ability to switch mass, non-targeted offers for hyper-personalized incentives.

COVID’s cancelling of last year’s awards put a blocker on our chances of repeating the feat in 2020. But we were back in force with five nominations for the 2021 event.

Now, after coming away with prizes for innovation, advertiser-publisher collaboration, and international strategy, we’re elated to have shared such a well-rounded success with two special clients: Get the Label, and Harvey Nichols.

Ryan Kliszat, RevLifter’s co-founder and Chief Product Officer, commented:

“It’s great to be back with awards that recognize the mutual hard work of our team, our clients, and Rakuten Advertising to thrive through uncertain times and prosper through personalization.

“A common perception of RevLifter is that we only work with offers, however, the award with Harvey Nichols, one of the world’s premier luxury retailers, shows that delivering highly personalized incentives to luxury customers in growth markets can be done in a highly native and premium way.

“Currently, only 5% of eCommerce incentives globally are personalized. For any retailer, this presents a quick win and a chance to win back incremental revenue left on the table.”

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