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Offer Copy Report shows which words drive eCommerce sales and spend

Rich Towey
September 25, 2023
3 mins

Team RevLifter is excited to have launched a resource we think eCommerce retailers will love: our first-ever Offer Copy Report.

Created with insights from our in-house data science team, the report shows which words engage, convert, and drive the most customer spend when used in a promotion.

Download the Offer Copy Report to see which words performed best, watch the video for some added commentary, or stick around to hear about why we felt it’s needed:

Why we’re here

We’re not the biggest fans of guesswork at RevLifter HQ. At least, we try to avoid it where possible.

Unfortunately, copywriting - one of the most critical areas of producing an eCommerce offer - often comes down to exactly that: a guess, or a preference, rather than data.

Sure, there are certain words that are either ‘on’ or ‘off-brand’. But many decisions are based on very little insight. For example:  

  • Do you say ‘deal’ or ‘offer’?
  • Do you run daily or weekly promotions?
  • Do you offer % off or $ off on your discounts? 

At RevLifter, we use our Intelligent Offer Platform to test different copy, design, placements, timing, and rules to produce optimal results.

That approach inspired the Offer Copy Report.

How we did it

We consulted with eCommerce offers racking up over 500 million impressions across RevLifter’s network.

To ensure a strong sample for each word, we studied offers used in food & drink, fashion & apparel, beauty, consumer electronics, DIY & homewares, sporting goods, telco, vitamins & supplements, and more.  

We then picked out some of the most commonly used words and measured them against these metrics:

  • Click-through rate (CTR)
  • Conversion rate (CVR)
  • Average order value (AOV)

Now, it’s pertinent to add that results vary from vertical to vertical. Maybe one word converts well for a fashion brand, but you couldn’t use it for a DIY promotion.

Our wish is that brands consider the findings and use them to conduct their own tests.

As a snapshot of how valuable these tests could prove, take the example of US Polo Assn

In February 2023, the fashion brand used RevLifter’s multivariate testing to study the difference between offering ‘% off’ and ‘$ off’ as a discount. Both returned extremely similar results, meaning the brand could justify a switch to ‘$ off’ and make every single promotion more profitable.

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