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Introducing Offers Wallet – the Hyper-Personalized Offers Hub for Your Website

Adam Manners
July 6, 2022

World, meet Offers Wallet – it’s already winning awards, producing instant results, and shaking up the eCommerce space.

Offers Wallet is in many ways a natural extension of what we at RevLifter already do. We currently have:

  • Offers Page, our personalized page for recapturing deal-seeking customers
  • Overlays, our intelligent solution for micro-moment targeting

Offers Wallet is an easily accessible, centralized, personalized offers hub. It combines offers, product recommendations, and marketing messages to increase their redemption and assist the customer throughout their journey.

Why did we create the Offers Wallet?

We can all think of a time when we’ve been browsing a site, only to have that experience interrupted by a pop-up, an offer, or a marketing message that isn’t relevant.

Or perhaps the offer was appropriate, but you weren’t ready to apply it yet. So you continue shopping and lose track of it.

Offers Wallet acts as a single hub for all your incentives and content. As a result, the offers and call outs are made accessible but, importantly, don’t get in the way.

Everything uses powerful personalization, too. The use of real-time data on your customers’ on-site behavior keeps everything relevant – down to a micro moment – so you’re only adding value to their experience.

Offers Wallet can be filled with a whole stack of different Offer Cards (essentially the content displayed on your solution) for driving any goal. You might be looking to increase conversions and average order values (AOV). You can do both by filling your solution with incentives that respond to these objectives.

Offers Wallet is a dynamic, intuitive offers hub, and it’s ready to turn your casual site visitors into customers.

Key features

Offers Wallet is like a visitor’s own personal assistant that’s always on the hunt for new offers. It’s accessible via an expandable widget that alerts the user when a new offer is available.

The widget also allows them to keep track of their progress on dynamic incentives, like Stretch and Save promotions (e.g. spend $28 more to get 10% off”). With these, you can display a progress bar within the notification panel of each Offer Card to encourage higher spend.

We’ve also introduced another crucial personalization tool: product recommendations. These can be tailored specifically to the user, what they’ve got in their cart, and where they are in the purchase process.

Like everything we make at RevLifter, Offers Wallet has been built mobile-first and works great on desktop too.

And we know your branding is essential – so we’ve worked hard to make Offers Wallet feel like a natural extension of your site. You can customize colors, fonts, and various other design elements, as well as the widget itself.

Powerful personalization

Part of the appeal of Offers Wallet is that everything is personalized.

We can utilize an incredible number of data points in real-time to tailor your offers. We then use these data points to build custom audience segments, which inform who gets what in terms of Offer Cards, in turn preventing cart abandonment.

A few example signals include:

  • Session data such as location, weather, or device
  • Historical or active cart data, like ‘’
  • Behavioral data, such as ‘exit intent’

And much more…

We combine these data points to build goal-driven rules that align with your objectives. The rules can be as straightforward or as complex as you like – from showing an offer to everyone to just showing it to a particular segment.

We have over a dozen sliders and modifiers for product recommendations to set what you’d like to show. If this does sound a lot (which it is!), don’t worry, we have several presets available based on successful campaigns within your industry. Your customer success manager will be on hand to help point you in the right direction.

Early results

We bet you’re wondering about the impact of all this. Well, in a successful beta test with beauty brand Face the Future, Offers Wallet produced +33% AOV while making every customer 5% more valuable.

This particular Offers Wallet featured:

  • Stretch and Save promotions to give customers value while boosting AOV
  • Call Outs for promoting new brands and products – a crucial addition for any brand with an extensive catalog
  • Subscribe and Save deals for boosting email sign-ups

To find out more about our work with Face the Future, read our full case study.

To find out more about Offers Wallet in general, watch this recording of our launch webinar: