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Improve new customer acquisition: The speedy guide

Rich Towey
March 13, 2023
3 mins

It’s said to cost five times more to attract a new customer than it does to keep an existing one. While it’s vital to satisfy anyone that buys from your brand – whether new, loyal, or lapsed – acquisition deserves its own strategy due to the uplift generated by growing your customer base.

To get new customers on your side, you have to start with your message and offer.

  • How are you communicating with customers at the start of their journey?
  • Are you identifying new customers as soon as they land on your site?
  • Do you have a way of grabbing someone’s attention through messages and alerts?
  • Do your new and existing customers see the same deals?

Unfortunately, not all brands have a killer acquisition play. One explanation of the ‘5x adage’ is that companies go through multiple channels to bring people back onto their site. But if the first interaction were impactful, there would be less need to follow up.

It’s also worth noting that customers now expect personalized experiences and offers. If that’s true, then achieving personalization at scale is a sure-fire way of improving acquisition.

Solutions for attracting new customers

Brands need a dedicated approach if they’re to become the last point in a new customer’s discovery mission. It all starts with finding places where buyers signal their intent.

Search marketing is just one of the ways that RevLifter approaches acquisition. By targeting specific searches that indicate purchase intent, we’re able to direct a pool of valuable prospects to a personalized deal page, full of new customer offers.

On-site incentives

Another key strategy involves on-site messages and deals. These react firstly to a real-time identification of the customer – signaling whether they’re new or existing – before selecting the best response.

Brands can target their prospects as soon as they land on their site, or when they show signs of abandonment. It all depends on their priorities.

We also have the ability to only show deals to people that can actually redeem them. Customers get turned off by irrelevant offers. We put measures in place to detect the customer’s purchase history before encouraging the next action.

Acquiring new customers is a challenging yet highly rewarding goal. Thanks to hyper-personalization, RevLifter is able to attract high-intent audiences across all verticals.

How RevLifter delivers more new-to-file customers

Applies different rules for new and existing buyers

Whether you’re super-charging acquisition or rewarding loyalty, RevLifter’s game-changing personalized offer delivery system lets you do both on a single solution.

RevLifter can distinguish between new and existing customers in real time and bring each a completely different experience.

Targets high-intent customers

Keyword data reveals priceless information about buyer intent. RevLifter targets coupon and offer-related terms to deliver high-quality, purchase-ready traffic to your site.

Create a hyper-personalized deal page to answer FAQs, demonstrate value, and turn searchers into loyal customers.

Generates instant impact

You’ve only got one chance to make a first impression on a new customer. Treat them to hyper-personalized experiences and offers you know they’ll appreciate.

Use RevLifter’s data-driven solutions to assess behavior, preferences and interests, giving you a route to deeper, longer-lasting customer relationships.

Conquests your competitors

Find out which customers are ready to buy with a competitor and encourage them to divert their journey.

RevLifter targets searches of products that are similar or identical to yours. State your case on a fully branded Offers Page, full of comparison info and new customer deals.