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How to capture deal seekers with a Cyber Monday offers page

Dan Bond
October 25, 2023
4 mins

Cyber Monday is pivotal in the retail calendar, marking one of the year's busiest shopping days alongside Black Friday.

It represents a critical opportunity for retailers to capture hoards of extra customers, convert them with attractive deals, and end the year on a high note.

The increased web traffic can also provide valuable insights into consumer behavior, helping retailers plan for future marketing strategies.

Offers pages are designed to capture deal-seeking traffic from people looking for deals and promotions from your brand. A hard truth (that we're sure you're aware of): much of this traffic ends up on third-party voucher code sites as consumers look for the best discount.

The good news is that you capture lots of these shoppers with your very own coupon page. If you expect your customers to look for deals, why not create the best place to find them?

If someone searches for 'YOUR BRAND NAME Cyber Monday deals' or 'YOUR BRAND NAME Cyber Monday discounts' you want them to arrive at a page you control, rather than a coupon site, or a competitor.

Here's you you do this in the RevLifter platform.

Create your page

Hosted or embedded

There are two options when it comes to hosting your offers page.

  • Hosted - RevLifter hosts the page on a subdomain.
  • Embedded - You embed code into a page in your eCommerce platform or CMS.

There are a few reasons why you might pick one format over the other. This is primarily based on how much access you have to the technical side of your website. If you're struggling to figure out the pros and cons, our team will guide you through the best option.

Create and tag offers

Now it's time for the fun bit: filling your offers page with promotions and deals.

The RevLifter platform uses tags to control where offers appear. For example, if you use your offers page all year round and have a dedicated set of Cyber Monday offers, you might create a tag for 'Cyber Monday Offers Page' and apply it to offers you want to show on that specific day.

As Cyber Monday takes places over 24 hectic hours, we'd consider making your offers time-limited and adding a countdown timer to encourage shoppers to convert faster, and sometimes at a higher rate.

Design your page

You'll want to ensure your offers page is consistent with the rest of your eCommerce experience.

There are two stages to help you control the look and feel:

  • Themes: Get the fundamentals right by setting brand colors and fonts to ensure all your campaigns and offers are consistent.
  • Studio: Next, make more granular changes to specific page elements to align with the UX on your site.

Driving traffic to your page


The page is designed to capture people looking for deals, discounts, and promotions for your brand. They'll primarily do this in search engines like Google.

Our team can advise on how to ensure a page is optimized for SEO, but having some in-house expertise or access to tools like Moz, Semrush, or Ahrefs will certainly help.

Optimizing any page for SEO is a process in itself. Still, considering the appeal of an Offers Page, it's one that could represent a major return in the form of low-cost acquisition.


Sometimes SEO alone doesn't cut it - you need more punch to appear in search results above third parties and recapture deal seekers. That's where PPC campaigns enter the field.

Set up campaigns targeting people searching for 'YOUR BRAND NAME Cyber Monday deals' or 'YOUR BRAND NAME Cyber Monday discounts' and optimize them to get yourself as high on the results pages as possible.

Like SEO, this process can take time and needs to be reviewed and optimized regularly.

Display ads

It's also possible to target display ads at deal seekers. This is a great way to increase visits for anyone looking for a good deal. You can even use dynamic banners on the page for certain traffic sources (i.e. display ads) to mirror the theme of your campaigns.

Other marketing channels

Like any landing page, your offers page can form part of your regular campaigns across:

  • Links in emails and social
  • QR codes on outdoor and print
  • Search terms and short URLs on video, TV, and cinema

For example, in all your Cyber Monday emails, you could link directly to the page so recipients can see the latest deals.

Optimizing offers page performance

A/B and multivariate testing

Once traffic hits the page, you'll want to ensure it's optimized as much as possible.

In the RevLifter platform, you can create multiple variants of offers, copy, and images to test which works and delivers the best results. Some of our favorite experiments include:

  • Offers: Test different offers against each other, for example, which converts best out of '10% off' vs. '$10 off'
  • Copy: Which words get people interested? Does it help to include more reasons to convert in the offer copy? Do you remind people you take Klarna? Test, learn, optimize.
  • Images: Do product photos or lifestyle shots work best? If you've created a Christmas page, do pictures of baubles convert better? These might seem like very small changes, but the results can be incredible.

Find other opportunities for offers pages

Now you have your very own Cyber Monday page, you can create as many versions as you want.

Here are some examples of themed pages created on our platform:

  • Black Friday
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas
  • Easter
  • New Year Sales
  • Summer Sales
  • Back to School
  • Halloween
  • Valentines Day

You could even create a generic offers page to capture deal seekers looking for 'YOUR BRAND NAME deals' or 'YOUR BRAND NAME discounts' all year round.

A well-designed offers page can stop you from losing customers to competitors or abandoning their purchase after failing to find a good deal.