About RevLifter

Making Every Deal Intelligent

Our vision

RevLifter has one key vision – to make every deal intelligent.
Through a combination of AI, hyper-personalization, data, algorithms, and cutting-edge UX and design, we’re revolutionizing the entire deal-serving process to put your customers and goals at the center of it – where they truly belong.

How we started

RevLifter began in 2017 as an idea on a napkin. At that point, the digital deal process was completely broken.
Customers were getting lost under a barrage of invalid and fake deals. They were being hijacked by competitors of the retailer they’d just left. Error messages, poor experiences, fraudulent sites – all chipping away at their momentum and motivation to convert.
After realizing that brands were also starting to question the incremental value of their deals and offers, co-founders Ryan Kliszat and Simon Bird saw an opportunity to reshape the incentivization process. The initial vision was for something goal-driven, personalized, and downright logical for anyone engaging with it.
Both the eCommerce and performance marketing industries were crying out for a solution to put the customer first while driving the brand’s unique goals. The pair spoke to many large retailers and unearthed a huge appetite for incentives that precisely aligned with their business objectives and produced more incremental sales.
Retailers also wanted to improve the relevance of their deals and regain control of their customer journey. In essence, if they could own the process, they could fix it.
After presenting the idea of a solution that checked all these boxes and asking whether the retailers would use it, Simon and Ryan were greeted with a resounding “yes”. And thus, RevLifter was born.

Our co-founders

Simon Bird

Co-Founder and CEO
  • Over 15 years of partnership marketing experience
  • Led performance-based campaigns for some of the world’s biggest brands
  • Held leadership roles on both the network and publisher side
  • Served as MD at an international voucher code site

Ryan Kliszat

  • Over 18 years of eCommerce experience
  • Founded a full-service digital agency, which was sold to one of the world’s largest eCommerce service operations
  • Worked with advertisers and publishers to deliver more sales, loyalty, and ROI

How we evolved

The foundation of RevLifter was built by a crack team of developers who understood the value of hyper-personalized, goal-driven, and customer-centric offers. As for making every deal intelligent, that’s a whole new chapter…
Years of innovation, adoption, awards, acclaim, and refinement have taken us to where we stand today. RevLifter is now a global eCommerce platform. We’re supported by an international team, with the technology to launch online brands into a completely new era of customer incentivization.
That journey has taught us a few things, none more important than understanding the customer psyche to ensure hyper-relevance and resonance at every touchpoint. It also requires deep knowledge of what makes a deal work – from where it’s placed, to what it says.
It’s why in addition to award-winning products like RevPage® and RevConvert®, clients now have access to a Personalization Platform that bolsters their effectiveness and constantly challenges deal intuition to find the right formula.
Every campaign is made more effective by a centralized hub to conduct A/B tests and highlight winners across design, content, and strategy. Brands also gain a transparent view of RevLifter’s incremental impact on business goals like revenue and acquisition, helping them visualize the bottom-line effect of hyper-personalized offers.
Lastly, we’ve given our technology more features to target a greater number of scenarios across an even greater number of channels. Shoppers leaving a website in search of a deal is just one scenario. Brands now have the opportunity to weave hyper-personalization into their entire eCommerce journey. RevLifter’s incentives can drive a result wherever it’s needed. And that’s an intelligent deal.

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