Meet the RevLifter: Kieran Donkin

by | May 4 2023

In our latest edition of ‘Meet the RevLifter’, we catch up with Marketing Executive Kieran Donkin.

Since joining us in 2022, Kieran now manages RevLifter’s presence on the road at various events. You’ll also hear his voice on our social channels.

Kieran is a vital part of the marketing team spreading the good word about intelligent offers. 

Hi Kieran. What’s for breakfast this morning?

A cookies & cream protein shake (two scoops always) and a banana with peanut butter. 

Describe your role in under 10 words.

To increase RevLifter’s brand awareness and… market.

What’s a typical day?

It starts by checking emails and working through my color-coded to-do list (my pride and joy).

Event planning is my responsibility, so I collaborate closely with event organizers and our sales team to make sure RevLifter is event-ready to shout about our intelligent offer platform. No stone is left unturned!

As life is all about balance, the rest of my day is spent making things ‘look pretty’. I’ll design graphics for our LinkedIn page and work on individual assets for the team.

Last holiday destination and why?

LA and Palm Springs for Coachella! It’s always been my boyfriend’s dream to visit LA, so I saved up enough to book it for us as a surprise.

Coachella happened to fall around his birthday and I thought, why not? You only get one life.

Any tips for getting into the creative zone?

I always like to put my phone in a different room to clear my mind. I get comfortable, think of a really basic starting point, then I jot down anything that springs to mind with no self-judgement.

I also like to handwrite as it feels more organic.

What’s the most challenging part of your job?

I’ll be totally honest here and say it’s staying organized. Having a list always helps me but as I communicate with different people and teams as part of my role, all the email threads become very long, very quickly. I have many different deadlines for different tasks that change daily.

Email labeling is my best friend at this point. Oh, and color-coded Google Chrome tabs!

What’s the most rewarding part of your role?

Definitely overseeing a successful event.

It’s such a buzz to see our finished booth looking *chef’s kiss* and watching the team thrive at an event and making the most out of it. It’s an atmosphere I always enjoy.

It’s great meeting retailers face-to-face and answering their questions about our intelligent offer platform.

Last film and TV series you watched?

Film: I’m embarrassed to say it took me so long to finally watch it, but Pulp Fiction! I can see why it’s a classic.

TV: I’m currently rewatching my guilty pleasure, Ugly Betty, purely for nostalgia.

Who’s your role model?

It does change. At the moment, it’s got to be Jennifer Coolidge after watching her acceptance speech at the Golden Globes. She’s still acting at 61 despite admitting she thought the work was drying up.

Now she’s won numerous awards for an incredible performance in The White Lotus and proven it’s never too late to do anything.


To speak to Kieran more about RevLifter and what we can do, find him on LinkedIn.

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