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RevLifter Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Grow Sales Up to 30%!

Close more sales with hyper-personalized deals delivered across the customer journey.
RevLifter delivers the perfect offer at exactly the right time, maximizing both conversions and AOV.
  • Individually personalizes deals for each shopper
  • Boosts acquisition rates and existing customer sales
  • Incrementality reporting included in every campaign

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Global clients including four of the world’s top 25 merchants
Average Conversion Rate


Average conversion rate increase with RevLifter
CRO program


Average AOV increase through hyper-personalized deals

Drive Stronger Customer Acquisition and Grow Sales to Returning Shoppers

Learns and responds through A/B testing

Maximize conversions from website traffic with our machine-learning-based conversion optimization tool.

Build your conversion optimization formula with continuous split-testing. With intuitive performance reports, RevLifter makes CRO clear, fast, and easy.

Expose a CRO control group to fresh ideas and compare revenue and transaction conversion metrics in real time.

Maximizes immediacy and purchase intent

Do more than just serve a one-size-fits all deal. Deliver highly personalized customer incentives that reward users and drive urgency.

Take shopping to a new excitement level.

RevLifter’s progress bars, countdown timers, and simple games help reduce bounce rates and inspire immediate and larger purchases.

Times offers for when they will be most compelling

Encourage customers in the purchasing mindset to transact now as a key element of your CRO strategy.

RevConvert analyzes behavioral data to capitalize on ideal conversion micro-moments.

Leverage purchase intent signals to time your 1-2-1 offers to reach customers at the most crucial points in their journeys.

Prevents costly shopping cart abandonment

Tackle abandonment to enhance your conversion funnel and deliver a stronger conversion rate.

RevLifter takes proactive digital marketing measures to detect when someone is about to leave and drives an immediate transaction.

Prevent cart abandonment on landing pages, product pages, cart pages, and more. Our tech instantly reacts to dwell times and new tabs to recover sales before they are lost.


Austin Ratner Affiliates Marketing Manager — HP USA

RevLifter is the first partner to allow for true personalization in the coupon space.
This allows advertisers to be much more intelligent when it comes to targeting a customer’s demands low in the purchasing funnel.

Carolina Paradas Global Senior Affiliate & CLO Manager — Harvey Nichols

RevLifter had the sensitive touch we needed. We were able to significantly increase our conversion rate and average order value across our targeted growth markets, including the United States, Japan and South Korea. We are so thrilled with the success that we are rolling out further plans for the partnership.

Jay Karsandas Digital Marketing Manager — Mobiles.co.uk

Since partnering with RevLifter we’ve built an AI algorithm which goes through millions of data points to find the deal which delivers the best value for the customer and the best margin for us in real-time; a genuine win-win. We’re really excited about the future direction of RevLifter and the role that hyper-personalized deals can play within a marketing strategy.

Andrew Heavens Senior Client Development Manager — CJ Affiliate

Having greater control over the incentivisation process has delivered a host of benefits to the AT&T affiliate program. RevLifter continues to exceed targets for new customer acquisition and we can see a natural evolution in both the advancement of the activity and results. Looking forward, we’re adamant of progression as we explore the capabilities of the technology and its individual solutions.

Average AOV increase of 20%

RevLifter boosts average order value +20%. See how high we can drive yours!