Become a RevLifter

About the company

RevLifter is revolutionizing the eCommerce industry, one website at a time. We work with a growing list of leading brands, including New Balance, Harvey Nichols, EE, The Hut Group, and HP, and we’ve won plenty of awards, acclaim, and clients for our undeniable results.
Following our Series A round of investment in 2020, team RevLifter has more than doubled in size to meet our ambitious goals, and we’re not stopping there.
Through a passion and devotion to delivering award-winning work, combined with our intention to create real change throughout the industry, we’re working to build an employment experience like no other.
RevLifter is creating an environment that enables our employees to accomplish more in six months than a year anywhere else. We’ve invested in our culture and come a long way, but we’ll never stop growing and learning.

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Our culture

Team RevLifter is an eclectic mix of people from all over the world. We’re passionate about inclusivity and diversity – in thought and in people.

Our culture is defined by six key values, which drive our way of working and help us achieve incredible results.

Team RevLifter

We are Team RevLifter. One team focused on helping our customers and achieving our goals. We have each other’s backs and don’t work in silos. We’re one team.

Our customers are number 1

They’re why we’re here. Everything we do is to make their lives easier. All our projects and programs use real-world data and insights to inform us and the recommendations we give to customers.

Innovative thinking

We look at problems differently. We try to find new ways to fix old problems. We are innovators and apply technology where it can help. We always find a way to get things done.

Delivering beyond expectations

Both with each other and our customers, we do what we say we will. And once we’ve done that, we look at how we can go the extra mile to delight the people we work with.

Better every day

We keep trying to improve everything. We believe in incremental improvement for customers and ourselves. Small daily improvements will keep driving our success (although we like big leaps forward, too!).

Because it’s fun and rewarding

We keep things fun, and we celebrate our successes. We want to enjoy our work and our customers to enjoy the results we drive for them.